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I specialize in one on one or group clearings of limiting beliefs and energy healing. I utilize many techniques such as NLP, visualization, guided meditations and Spontaneous Transformations.  I am in the process  of creating a course on Initiation into the Mysteries of Antiquity, primarily with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. This blog explores all things spiritual.


Early philosophers and mystics  were initiated into secret societies whereby they were educated into the realities  of the universe and the power of mankind.  It has been prophesised that these mysteries would be brought back into the world when mankind was ready. Now is that time 



My clients are those people who recognize that we are ascending into the higher 3rd and 4th dimensions  and are seeking more information.

Those , who are seeking a smoother transition into these higher dimensions

Leaders in Human Evolution and Personal Growth

Illuminating Transformations


After a lifetime of running organizations for other people, copious amounts of education, and a multitude of life experiences both good and bad, I  created Illuminating Transformations. I wanted to take all of my experience and assist others become the most successful people in whatever field they are in. To help people obtain the goals that they are seeking and to understand what is getting in their way from success. Light Transformations teaches people to create their future (not predict it).  I facilitate the highest level of transformation with  clients, including releasing all your emotional pain from the past.   I enable  clients to create profound transformation.


I specialize in helping others connect to source through guided meditations and energy work.

It is my personal mission is to assist people to become empowered, free and successful to help them evolve. My approach is based years of research into the latest scientific, psychological and spiritual thinking on what it means to be fully awakened.

I am known for facilitating profound transformation and am proud of my 95% success rate experienced by my clients and students, i.e.  95% of students get the transformation or skills they came for or MORE!

Previously, I worked as  senior management for several not-for-profit organizations, consultant and organizational structure and organizational health. I have lectured on numerous topics from inclusion to spirituality.

I have studied the mind for over 30 years and am certified in NLP, Life Coaching,  Hypnosis. I’m also a student of many esoteric schools including Tanta, the Kabala, Shamanism, and Reiki as well as past life regression.

I’ve explored the science behind spiritual and energetic phenomena, I use this information to guide my approach.  “I don’t tell you to believe anything except your own experience” and approach the field of healing the mind, body and soul from an intellectual and spiritual  perspective.


Many of my clients have been abused in the past and much of the coaching involves releasing the emotional damage so that the client can return into their body. For many this feels like a coming home.

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