I specialize in one on one or group clearings of limiting beliefs , negative energies, entities and energy healing. I utilize many techniques such as NLP, visualization, guided meditations and Spontaneous Transformations.  I have several courses  on Initiation into the Mysteries of Antiquity, primarily with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. entity clearing . This blog explores all things spiritual.

  • Having a High Vibration is your greatest protection and the road to su...
    1 hr
  • Many things rip holes in you aura including alcohol, drugs and smoking
    1 hr
  • Being grounded and open to source makes life on Earth meaningful
    1 hr 30 min
    550 US dollars
  • The Moon Goddess is always there to guide you
    35 min
    500 US dollars
  • We are all connected in every way and a part of source to create our r...
    45 min
    600 US dollars
  • You have the power within yourself to be guided
    45 min
    500 US dollars
  • Your deceased Loved ones are still there giving support
    1 hr 45 min
    350 US dollars

Death Doula Services 

As a death doula, I spend time with the dying person and their family to try and make  the dying person’s death more peaceful and advocate for them in administering their final wishes including liaising with hospitals and funeral homes if asked to do so.  Families during this often traumatic time won’t always know what to do for their loved ones.  A doula is trained to listen, be fully present and available to be by the side of the ill to try to give them a comfortable passing.  Doulas will do whatever makes the dying person happy.  A doula will try to grant the dying patients last wishes.  

Fees range from $100 per hour to around $5,000 for multi-day services.

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