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I am creating a program which brings back the secret teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. This will initiate you and help you transcend into the higher dimensions, while healing and transforming you.

I got money when I least expected it

Simonne LeBlanc is an extremely knowledgeable and resourceful Knower and Seer of the Healing Arts. She builds insight for all her work from a massive compendium of knowledge from a multitude of occult spheres, combining a thorough understanding of astrology, numerology, and other esoteric and practical healing and energy modalities. She created a New Moon reading for me Summer of 2017 which I found amazing in its accuracy and profound in its impact on my life. She gave me a fully explained procedure she recommended for me to use in releasing unwanted and negative situations in my life. While I performed this ceremony of ritual, she also performed additional rituals on my behalf for additional release from negative energy and situations. I found the combination of these two sources of release rituals to be quite effective and the multiple effect created an additional impact on my life that was quite noticeable as well as helpful in practical ways. Just a couple of days after the ritual I landed a job that I really didn’t think I would actually get, but really wanted. Then I received a cheque in the mail for over $600 dollars that I was not expecting, at a time when I was facing a month of no money for rent. Then events just kept coming, it was like a gateway of abundance opened.  I highly recommend Simonne. She is a Sage of knowledge and practice of Healing Arts as well as a caring and uniquely insightful person to work with.

Janis K.


The relief I felt was incredible and the energy I gained helped me write my book. Simonne LeBlanc is passionate and dedicated to helping people create their own powerful futures by showing them how to overcome the painful emotions of their past. The insight into what was going on in my life was incredibly accurate. She gave me a new perspective on my issues and a better understanding of what and why I was going through them.  I had a clearing that allowed me to move forward with some difficult decisions., Simonne helped release the emotional baggage from my past and move forward to achieving the next level of success in my life.

Vanessa C


She removed a family curse and her messages from my deceased mother let move on.  The curse kept me poor but now I started my own business and I ‘m making so much money and loving life. Simonne’ insight and helpful messages from my deceased family allowed me to feel at peace. My life felt out of control and spiraling downward, and Simone’s curse removal and energy boosting sessions helped me to put things in perspective and give me options to tackle the issues I was facing. She really helped calm me down and move forward with her guided meditation and healing at the time of my mothers passing. I am so grateful for her guidance and her open and safe ear. It is good to know that she not only listens but hears what I am saying. She is an angel on earth and I’m thankful God brought her into my life.

Love and light,

Lianne  L., Dallas Texas


She busted through my negativity and let me dance in moonlight. It was like a dam of emotions broke and I found my peace. My first experience of Simonne’s work, was a call-in group meditation which put me into such a deep state of relaxation that I came to drooling!!!! It took me a bit to reacclimate to my surroundings! Then I was in a deep state of peace. She has provided me with astrology and healing sessions that blew me away with her accuracy.  The one-on-one time spent with her dealing with a negative spirit in my home and dealing with challenging family issues seemed to clear away a barrier that kept me in a locked in a negative space.  She has also provided me with New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse rituals and taught me how to capitalize on the energies of those times.  She helped me let go of old negative forces and plant the seeds for a better future.  After these events crazy good things happen, like having my distant estranged brother actually have a real conversation with me and finding out that my husband was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s (what a relieve) and so much more.

Brenda V,  Missouri


 She got rid of the anger and depression from my rape! I gained the confidence to go get a degree at university.   Simonne helped my deal with the trauma of rape with her guided meditation and energy healing.  She moved me from a dark place and helped me put up energy shields and redirect negative energy.  As an Empath I kept taking on other people’s emotions and suddenly feel depressed or angry for no reason, it was so exhausting.  She helped me regain the pieces of my soul that I lost through the rape and helped me also to take back and guard my own energy. Simonne provided me with so much help trough my personal journey to transformation.   When she tuned into my body, she picked up on an outside influence, health concerns, such as my infected tooth, and even gave me messages from my deceased Grandmother. After her help I was strong enough to attend University and now to go after a master’s degree. I am not sure I would have gotten through the last 5 years without her help.

Jessica Theoret, Calgary Canada


"Wow you can’t hold me back now, she helped me become a real force in directing my own life.  She was very helpful when I was going through a difficult time. Simonne guided me through a process to clear blockages and clear negative energy Through a Full moon ritual. Before her help, I had been failing in creating any abundance in my life and Simonne helped me clear the negative force that was holding me back.  I now have a new job and make way more money.

Karen Wilson. USA


I can now connect to my higher self to get help, once she showed me the way.  Someone had capped my ability to connect and I felt so isolated from source. She helped me become reconnected to source and interconnect with others. She helped me raise my vibration. And to understand that no mater what is going on in my life I need to keep my vibration high. After her help I feet more connected which allowed me to attract a beautiful new relationship.

Beauchamp C


She cleared my way to finding my fiancé. Simonne did an energy healing for me, that really centered and guided me.  I felt less tense and shattered.  Before the healing I felt disconnected with everything and now feel calm and assured that I am guided by a source greater than myself. After the session I quickly begun noticing that people were being kinder towards me and I was invited to events that I never was before and at one of those I met my fiancé.  Up until that time I just kept attracting jerks that abused me. Once she removed the negative spirit that was projecting a negative image of me to the world, I was able to breath and to attract a new life.

Kristina Piron, Saskatchewan


She helped me protect myself from negative energy from an ex.  Simonne helped me see how much limiting beliefs get in the way of having a rich life.  What she said to me was so beautifully put and gave me a reassuring reminder of choices we make can be influenced by others.   I really needed what she cleared from me and now I have gone ahead and started my own company.

Karin Jane, Winnipeg



 I went from being hated by everyone to being embraced by love. My life has been a hell, with everyone deserting me and I had been plagued by negative, evil spirits. I had gone to another person for help but felt like my life got worse.  Through a series of sessions Simonne helped me get clearer and made me realize that there are dark influences that can destroy our lives. I was grateful that she didn’t just talk about the light but also how dark forces were affecting my life.  I really feel that if we don’t acknowledge these dark forces and this negative spirit world, we can not Transend into the light. Thank-you for clearing those beings that followed me no mater where I moved. I can breathe now

 Caitlin W


I Manifested a husband. Simonne is a very knowledgeable and powerful healer.  When we met in person, I could feel her strong energy and how people migrated towards her.  She showed me how to raise my own vibrations so that I could manifest my new husband.
Lana L, Therapist 


She saw what was coming my way! Simonne LeBlanc brought her knowledge and healing to me after a workshop I gave that left me exhausted and sick.  She cleared my head which really helped.  She also for saw some issues arising in my then relationship.  She was right and we are no longer together.  While at a travel retreat in the Dominican Republic, I witness firsthand, her ability to connect with others and her passion and insightfulness. She provided this insight and knowledge with all in attendance. People began seeking her out to gain her psychic abilities. 

Lynn R.



She grounded me and released my overwhelming need to escape life.  I had my first session with her just a few days ago and I'm still feeling the benefits of the grounding meditation. Simonne is so intuitive in her energy work that she can be accessed anywhere with a simple phone call. I felt so held and cradled from thousands of miles away and I look forward to our next session. Through a multiple of processes that she led me through I was able to connect with source, connect to my guides and ancestors and become grounded.  I was in desperate need of all this as I was feeling overwhelmed as an empath.  She gave me many helpful techniques to ground and shield myself.  She also gave me some stones to use in grounding as I tend to want to stay in the higher plane which can make real life a challenge.  I have more energy now.

I highly recommend Simonne LeBlanc to help you work through your unhealed trauma and stuck energy. Let the healing begin!"


With gratitude,

Heather Love

Yoga Instructor &

Pranassage Practitioner


She raised my energy and helped me heal my cancer

I was a miserable person when I met Simonne at the hospital, waiting for my cancer treatment.  I was angry at everyone, including GOD and couldn’t understand why I got cancer.  She was there for her treatment and told me that she was a three-time survivor.  When she asked if she could help me, I wasn’t all that sure but said yes anyway.  Well we met three times and she led me through an energy healing process that really helped me raise my energy level and my attitude.  That was two years ago, and I feel great.  I really felt like her visualization process and her entering my body sped up my healing and recovery.

Lisa S.


She saved my Life! I was in a coffee shop when a lady approached me and introduced herself as Simonne LeBlanc and proceeded to tell me about her abilities to pick up things from people.  She told me that I had heart problems and should get checked out.  She told me that she had seen this in someone else once and they didn’t do anything about which turned out to be a mistake. I thought the whole experience was very strange, but I kept thinking about it, so I went to the doctors.  My blood pressure was so high I was rushed to the hospital as they said I was going to have a stroke.  I am alive today because I heeded what she told me.  I ran into her many months later and told her what had happened.

Norman Murray, Ontario


I now believe in spirit and Source.  As a lab technician, I am pretty much black and white in my thinking.  I believe in science and not the woo woo stuff.  One day on a whim I let Simonne lead me through a process that helped me link up with spirit guide and to talk to my deceased father.  In the start I really believed that nothing would happen, but it did.  I saw and communicated with my spirit guide and continue to do so today.  My father came to me in my dreams a few days later, as Simonne said he would.  She helped me open up to the other side of science.

Nicole R.


She saw the tumour and saved my life

I am a very religious person and did not believe in the spirit world or psychics, in fact I believed that such people were evil. So, when I met Simonne at large family get together, and she told me she could see a large black spot on my chest and that I should get it checked out, I thought she was nuts. I had a doctor’s appointment and was diagnosed with a tumor on my lung.  I may have not gone to the doctors but what she said bothered me and I wanted to prove her wrong, it probably saved my life.





Her intervention got rid of my anger at the world and GOD.  I have known Simonne for over 50 years and have seen firsthand the inner knowledge that she picks up in people. When my mother died from a rare disease, I was so angry at the world and especially GOD. I could not understand how GOD would allow such pain.  Simonne helped me come to terms with that pain and helped me realize that I had turned that anger in on myself, producing fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other illnesses. I had a lot of fear about the spirit world until Simonne taught me ways to strengthen my aura for protection, it helped to get messages from my mother and knowledge of arising illness.  I live with far less pain and anger now.

Terry Smithe


She changed my view on life after death. After my husband passed, Simonne helped me trough the grieving process, she had a way of calming me down and to see a future for myself without my husband.  She told me that he was still with me and I could feel his presence and get messages from him.  After she opened me up and helped me reach beyond the veil, I received regular messages and visits from him.  The process changed my view of life and death. 

Barbra W. 


She sent my dead friend to the light so I could survive. I am just going to say it; death and dead people scare me.  I hate funerals and viewings and avoid them at all costs.  After my friend died of alcohol poisoning, I started heavy drinking myself and was always depressed. My brother told me about Simonne, so I reluctantly contacted her.  She immediately saw my dead friend around me and said he was negatively influencing me.  He would jump my body and I would be depressed and start drinking.  She removed him and sent him to the light.  I feel like I can breathe and think more clearly, and I only get depressed if something real happens to me and not like before at a drop of a hat.

Ian Walsh, Calgary


I now have the strength to work with other abused women. I have known Simonne and her work for several years. Many of my close friends were helped by Simonne with their emotional growth, spiritual growth and other areas of their lives, by a variety of approaches. After talking to many of these friends, I sought her out and benefited from her wisdom in many areas of life. I love how she used a variety of knowledge in science, consciousness, in my physical bodiy as well as my emotional being and how she brought many different areas of life together for me, giving me a better understanding of what was happening to me as well as in humanity generally.  


She explains things so clearly and then recommends what may work better opposed to what I had been doing. She opened my eyes to how I can tap into my own inner wisdom to continue my spiritual growth and enjoy a healthier way of living. She has been an amazing guidance in my life, thank you for that!


She helped me to move beyond past abuse and to take that learned pain and put it towards a program to help other abused women.


Many Blessings to you Simonne,

Love, Light and Much Appreciation to you,


Cindy Fox,

… all the way from Brisbane, Australia


She predicted my new life and love. I met Simonne LeBlanc at a spiritual retreat in 2016.  Everyone at the retreat sought her out because of her energy and the things she picked up on a person.  I asked her about my deceased father and what she picked up on and she told me he was surround by death and dead people. What she didn’t know was that he had been in the Military working on bombs and caused the death of many people.  Afterword’s I would call her up to see what she was picking up on me.  She told me I was going to move from Los Angeles to a place with large rocks, shortly after that I posted a picture of my male friend and she told me that he was my soul mate and that we had past lives together. I had not told anyone that we were seeing each other romantically but she knew.  I moved to Sedona to live with my love. It is uncanny what she sees. 

Elizabeth E., Sedona


She showed me my next steps. I met Simonne at a seminar in which I was presenting at, I immediately felt her strong energy and was drawn to it.  When we spoke to each other, she picked up on some of the emotions and decisions I was trying to make.  She entered my body and calmed me.  She told me to watch my dreams as I would get clarity in them.  That night I dreamt that Simonne appeared, but she was representing the Divine Feminine, and when I woke up the next morning, I knew that I had to incorporate a more feminine approach in my presentations and work.

David L., New Zealand


She saw the tick in my back. I met Simonne at my sister’s place, when I was introduced to her, she asked if I had back problems.  I said that my back was itchy, and I wasn’t feeling all that well. She indicated that I should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.  It turned out that I had a tick in my back.  I was fortunate that I had it removed and prevented getting Lymm’s disease. I am so grateful that I had gone to my sister’s house that day.

Mary Somer


She Knew my father was dying. It may seem strange, but I met Simonne in an old graveyard.  She was doing research for her book and I was visiting my deceased relative.  As we were the only ones there. We started talking and she told me that my Grandfather was with me and that he was concerned about his son, my father.  She said my father was very ill, terminally ill.  It was so weird as my dad just told me the day before that he had terminal bone cancer and had only a few months to live.  We exchanged contact information and she helped me accept his passing and to contact him.  She has a good process to get you to hear from your deceased family.

Emmy M


She stopped my suicidal thoughts by getting rid of a derange attachment. I was suffering so much, and my life seemed hopeless. I was very depressed and thought about suicide everyday.  Simonne informed me that I had a young male spirit attached to me.  This spirit had committed suicide and was influencing me and my life.  I knew she was right as there were times when I would hear a voice in my head telling me that life was useless, and I should kill myself and it would all be over.  She took on this spirit and helped him move to the light.  After that I felt so much better and good things started to happen in my life.  I got a new job and met a girl.  I guess I was surrounded by negative energy and that was all people saw of me, now I am happier.

Cameron W, Calgary


She calmed my fear and drove the demon out.

My life was negative, and I hated myself.  My husband and I were always fighting over little things, work sucked, and I was always tired and sick.  I had been to the hospital and doctors so many times and each time they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was terrified because things kept breaking down in my house and things moved from where I would put it.  The worst was waking up in bed gasping for air.  Simonne cleared a demonic spirit that was literally draining my life from me.  I follow everything she says to keep the demon and other negative spirits away. 

Monique Haley


My Moon Ritual brought me many riches.

I had so much fun preparing for and doing the Moon Ritual but best of all, good things kept happening, I won a lottery, I brought the animal shelter, that I always wanted, to existence and I live in my dream home. 

Kathy Luetan , Germany


She got rid of the negative force that was draining my energy. I was suffering so much, and my life seemed hopeless. It seemed like someone at work was sabotaging me or something.  Crap kept happening to me. I was very depressed and thought about suicide everyday. Simonne informed me that there was a male at work that hated me and was sending negativity my way, I was so tired all the time.  She cleared the negativity and gave me ways to stay protected.


Dwight McDonald, Canmore


I use the stones every day for protection and manifestation

The place I worked kept making me sick and feeling drained.  Simonne cleared away the openings of my aura and built up my energy.  She then told me what stones to put on my desk to prevent energy draining co-workers.  She also told me wish stones to put under my pillow and which to carry in my pocket to help bring abundance.  After she taught me a ritual to manifest using the stones, I won a lottery, now I don’t have to work.

Eric Rodger

Testimonials from FHTJ

My life was plagued with cyclic failing patterns which no other healer was able to pick up the exact root cause apart from someone who was out to see me fail.  The initial Facebook comment reading, Simonne had immediately picked up some ancestral issue which was blocking my path.  During my private session with her, it was identified as an ancient curse which not only was affecting me but some other family member as well.  Also, she had managed to pick up a negative entity which was sucking my right shoulder and injecting venom into it.  I had been suffering right shoulder pain from time to time leaving my right body feeling weak, weird, blocked with perpetual physical and energetic imbalance for years with no explanation apart from the imbalances of masculine and feminine energy or brain functions.  I am feeling so light, bright and free after all the clearings and protections taught by Simonne which I am really grateful.  Thank you so much, Simonne!

Sarah T.


I was feeling stuck and had chronic unresponsive health issues. I have literally tried every modality, supplement, healer, dr etc. During the session I was became aware of many attachments and stuck energies and at the end of the session I felt lighter. I believe Simonne is able to sense and shift energies that others can't identify so things must shift.

Initials BH





I found Simonne through the FHTJ Teleseminar. I was immediately drawn to her package as I was having issues with a few people that are bullies and have narcissistic tendencies and have created a lot of issues in my life.  I had my session with Simonne a few days after purchasing her package. I was amazed by the accuracy of what she picked up on in regard to the situation. She removed a cord from my sister that was connected to my heart and also removed a cord from my sister's husband that was attached to my stomach. I could feel the immediate release of them. I have felt so much clearer, lighter, and brighter. I have been getting some very deep, restful sleep. I no longer have violent dreams about killing and gloom/doom. I no longer have hear voices in my head or have random yucky thoughts. The heaviness and dark, sickly energy is no longer around me. Food tastes completely different and I am less hungry. My stomach isn't as bloated as it was before the session. My eyesight is also clearer and sharper. I can tell that every cell in my body is going thru a huge detox. I now realize that their energies were creating a majority of the issues that I've had in my life. I feel like I have all my energy back and am in my own energy frequency. I feel amazing! It feels so good to not have other people’s energy running through me and then having other people/healers pick up on their stuff and think it was mine/me. I can finally just be me.
On a professional note, I am a massage therapist and every massage I do now seems to be easier and my clients are getting quicker and faster results/relief from their issues too.
I am so grateful that I found Simonne. She is amazing and I look forward to my next session with her.

I feel so completely different, calm, clear headed, and just feel free. I feel the yuck, but it can't attach anymore. Plus, I've been getting very deep sleep and wake up very refreshed and energized. Plus, people tell me that I'm glowing. 

I'm doing great since my last session with you and feel so much better. I researched the prussian healing that was touched upon in my session and it's called Brauche. It's like a fairh healing or healing touch that you focus on the issue or spots in the body and it's like the spots are worm like and you get rid of them. Kinda cool and I sense that's the description of what I do in my massages. My clients are getting great results.

It's so cool that you could see that in me. When I read the description of Brauche, it made sense to me and I guess when I massage, the muscles kind of feel like ropes or worms and I straighten them out or get rid of them, so the muscles align better.  It's so cool! 


My mom is excited to meet you too. She is an amazing and a very kind sweet soul. I absolutely love her, and she's done so much for me. I am glad to be able to give back to her with a session with you.  I know that it's one of the things that I/we agreed to when I became her daughter and she my mom. 

Annette A. 


Thank you for our session yesterday, Simonne LeBlanc. I feel lighter and hopeful! Michelle Hernandez 


Just finished the Zoom meeting - that was beautiful and powerful. Now to dig in to the related materials more deeply.💜

Hi there! My appointment's tomorrow, but I've been using the audios - even gave the mantras a test run - and I feel a bit lighter and more optimistic already. Those audios are very powerful, with high vibrations. It feels good to be bathed in those energies. No wonder the dark forces - I call some of them 4-D STS (Service to Self) or "negs" are trying to block them. Let's all keep going!

Wonderful changes  are already happening since my 1-on-1. Funny thing is, the changes are happening so quickly I need to find the time!😎



Holly S.


I am feeling blessed.

Thank you, Simonne. My words to describe our session is Wow. Love. Ahh. Thank you for all the extra goodies with the package. You're amazing. A brilliant light. I am blessed to have discovered your gifts. 

Judy A S.


HI Everybody. I had a session with Simonne LeBlanc last night and she was fabulous. I had a free reading on Friday. She saw a deceased ex lover who was possessive of me. That lover didn't want me to have anybody in my life and wanted to do everything he can so i cross over. I am 56 years old. She helped to remove the attachment so that guy will leave me alone. I felt lighter after her session and i was happier

Patrizia D


Dear Simone - fascinating continuing "outcome" from our call.  Just this morning I had what I could only refer to as an "illuminating insight".  All my life my mother was the one who was my "in my face" perpetual critic.  Because my parents and I with my daughter, moved back to Canada together and I depended on my mother to look after my daughter while I worked, she remained in my life until she died. No need to get into the "nitty gritty" but- this morning it "hit me"  - I was the one constantly judging myself and - I sensed she and I had a soul contract by which she would be the physical presence in my life who would keep voicing my own self sabotage.  Sounds bizarre but - once that dawned i felt instantly lighter and could thank her for taking on that thankless task in her lifetime.

Linda Babb



"It is my privilege to honour the gift inherent in the session I had with Simonne.  In beautiful. loving alignment with Spirit, she was able to reveal aspects of my Inner Self and the journey of my Soul, only known at a Soul level which, once exposed, brought clarity to so many experiences in my present incarnation.  Simonne presented with crystal clarity and unconditional loving support.  I AM grateful for her insights and clarification which continued long after the session was over.  Thank you Simonne."


Blessings and many thanks

















Simonne is a well grounded, calm and beautiful Soul who has helped clear negative entities in our Home. The Entities here were many, and it was overwhelming, and very draining. They have been here a very long time and were causing such doom and gloom despair it felt like we were stuck. We did not have to tell her about them; she saw them and dealt with them. She gave us tools to use to clear along with many useful insights. She has gone above and beyond to help us and we are very grateful and blessed to have made the connection with her. Simonne can help you clear and be free once and for all, of dark entities and energetic imprints, poltergeists and things with really no name.  We have a newfound joy in our living space because of her. Thank you so much Simonne






Bev and Claira






A very big thank you and much love to you Simonne for my one on one session. You are an absolute superstar! I have done this sort of work before and though I have had incredible results for clients, I never felt safe and found it difficult or even impossible to tune in for myself and stay safe. The results of this was 20 years of beings and stuff negatively affecting me. And now it is all cleared, and I have a way to protect myself thanks to you Simonne. Words cannot express my gratitude and relief... I am myself for the first time in a very long time and on a high. And I am getting so much confirmation from life and synchronicity that my Full Moon ceremony is bringing my light and vision on... I am so excited! Thank you so much. I know just what it takes to do the work you are doing, and you are such a fearless and powerful light warrior... We are all so blessed to have you to help us to have freedom from darkness. Thank you so much for what you are doing for us all <3 <3 <3 

Since my session I seem to be so in the flow in such a profound way. :) A gift of the love and healing of one of the master’s descended on me today and I was able to help a neighbour in great distress. My day has been profoundly healing for the both of us... Thank you Simonne. Words cannot express how it feels to be myself again and how grateful I am to you <3 <3 <3

Ian Clayton



Simonne LeBlanc Thank you so much! I woke up this morning with the need to continue to release specific negative emotions, various past relationships, karmas and situations. Must be the rituals you had performed last night! I can feel my energy had shifted a lot and is still continuing to shift. I have never felt so good and positive. You are such a Beautiful Blessing! Thank you! Namatse! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘

Sarah T 


What Simonne was able to clear in my house was A lot! Many Souls were trapped here by shapeshifters, dark entities and a land curse. Looking forward to freedom of movement now

Today is the happiest I have seen my daughter in a long time. After clearing out the Hag of doom and gloom She is Free!

Coincidence? I think not; after the final clearing Simonne gave my daughter was not only happy she was offered a job without even trying to find one! Simonne thank you so much for everything




Thank you for our session yesterday, Simonne LeBlanc. I feel lighter and hopeful!

     I just want to Thank You Again for all Your Help <3

Michelle H.


Simmone has been a huge Empowering Force for me. She is able to see into your body, your life,

even past lives and clear out anything that no longer serves you, or that is stopping you from moving forward. She has much experience with the dark forces and knows how to help you if you are being attacked psychically, physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

 She was able to see into my Body and aura, she could see every being, structure, device curse, spell, etc. that was

placed so My Body and Aura could be free. And in doing so, we were able to connect with my Main Spirit Guide and Life Purpose.

Simonne can help you when you feel like there is no way out! Our last session blew me away and I will never forget it.  I am going to wear out the replay of it.  I finally feel capable of taking back my power and moving my life forward. So many blessings to you, Simonne

 Destine Reed                                    


My life was so stuck, I just couldn’t get things moving, I knew I had attachments that were blocking me and I have gone to other healers, who either removed them only to have them return or could not get rid of them,  Simonne removed them and taught me how to change my energy and things are moving, and I feel amazing.  Simonne is so generous and thorough. She provided extra time and loads of information. thank you, dear Simonne!❤️



The first session I had with Simonne made major changes in my energy fields that no other energy healer has succeeded in doing before. I was locked in the past and the trauma associated to past events.  I feel incredible and my career is opening up with new and exciting opportunities and I have a new love in my life, which she saw coming.  I am so excited for the future. Thank you so much. Anne H


Simonne LeBlanc thank you Simonne so grateful for you lots of love and light.  I have never felt this free and light. I am glowing and others around me, have noticed the changes.  I had no idea how to move forward and my life was so negative.  I had lost so much, but now, things keep getting better and better.



Everything in my life has gotten so rich and full.  I learned so much about all kinds of things from entities, shields and energy raising.  I can sleep now and feel safe and my clients seem to get higher healing from now and I have endless energy because Simonne taught me how to get that energy. Thank you Simonne for your generosity and expertise.


Thanks, so much Simonne for the sessions and all the materials. They are so helpful in understanding why life was the way it was and how to move forward.  I have changed.


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