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Awakening to the Worm Moon

Full Moon for March 2017

The full moon that appears in March is called the Worm Moon. Native Americans called this last full moon of winter the Worm Moon after the worm trails that would appear in the newly thawed ground.

Worm Moon Name Variations

The Moon of March was sometimes referred to by names associated with other signs of spring. The more northern Native American tribes knew the March full moon as the Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night, or the Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees. Other names include the Chaste Moon and the Death Moon. Christian settlers also called this the Lenten Moon and considered it the last moon of winter, and lastly the Storm moon.

The Full Worm Moon will light up the skies Sunday (March 12). This will be the last full moon of the winter season, rising just eight days before the vernal equinox, or spring.

The moon, being the closest astronomical body to Earth, has a profound effect on us. It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

One complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete, radiating her energy to us in cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, ebbing and flowing.

Many cultures and people believe in following the cycles of the moon, working with this wonderful gift of nature, harnessing the different energetic influences at each of the stages.

The Cycles of the Moon:

  • New Moon: A new cycle. An energy of new possibilities. Time to set your intentions for what you want to bring into your life.

  • Waxing Moon: New growth, continued action, results will come about

  • Full Moon: High tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

  • Waning Moon: Withdrawing, a sucking and pulling impact

  • Dark Moon: A time to go within. Solitude. A powerful psychic time where revelations from deep within can emerge. It’s important to make space for the unfolding of spirit at this time in preparation for the new cycle and beginning.

The New Moon marks the beginning of the cycle and the Full Moon is the release.

At the Full Moon, the energy is powerful and intense. This surge enables you to take action – especially in regards to the New Moon intentions you may have made two weeks prior. This is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you; or letting go of something that you no longer need in your life; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this (a ritual being a set of actions, often with symbolic value, performed in a ceremonial manner). Releasing. Letting go. Unburdening yourself. Purging.

You get rid of the old, celebrating your emergence by stepping out of an old way of being / an old identity / behaviour / attitude / relationship / frame of mind / situation.

Meaning of This Full Moon

The Full Moon in rational Virgo on March 12, 2017, opposes the irrational Pisces Sun, creating a tug-of-war between our heads and our hearts. Our need for solid information opposes our desire to ignore reality and act solely on our intuition. Psychic powers are strengthened while surreal Neptune and cerebral Mercury are swimming in the waters of Pisces. However, wounded Chiron is also in the mix, reminding us that following our emotions alone isn't always the smartest idea.

The analytical Virgo Moon urges us to resist surrendering to our feelings. Thankfully, we receive a bit of cosmic assistance from brainy Mercury's square to strict Saturn, requiring us to put our data in order before making up our minds. Although the facts and figures can lead us down a particular path, it's equally dangerous to rely on numbers without considering less tangible evidence. Ultimately, it's not an all-or-nothing choice; drawing from both sharp logic and fuzzy imagination is the winning strategy during March's Full Moon.

The March Hot Spots Include:

Jupiter-Uranus Opposition (#2), Venus Retrograde, Virgo Full Moon, Aries/Spring Equinox, Aries New Moon & Jupiter-Pluto Square (#2)


Rituals for this moon, include spells to purify the mind, body and soul. Nature always fills a void, so any negative energy that you release must be consciously replaced with positive vibrations.

As this full moon occurs during daylight hours (10:53 AM EST) in the western hemisphere, you should place your tools and talismans out for cleansing and charging on the evening of March 11th. You might want to perform your ritual on that date as well.

Flowers: daffodils and jonquils

Stones: aquamarine and bloodstone

March Full Earth Moon in Virgo Ritual

We often spend extra time indoors during winter and toxic, stagnant energy and negativity can build up in our homes and ourselves. Fire is a natural purifier and is excellent to use during the winter to cleanse our living space. Here are three rituals for you to try.

This ritual uses winter spices to help clear the home of negativity. Combine a pinch each of allspice, ginger, and clove. Sprinkle these spices onto the fire. Using a small pine branch, trace the shape of the pentagram in the air over the hearth. At first, hold the pine branch above the flames and visualize any negativity being sucked up the chimney. Then lay the pine branch directly into the flames, if it pops and cracks a lot, then you did have some negative energy hanging around. If you perform this ritual in your cauldron or other dish, when the ashes cool, sprinkle them away from your home.

To create a calm atmosphere in the home and to purify yourself of any negative thoughts, this spell combines snow (or ice), rose water, and fire. First, in a bowl combine some fresh snow, or a few ice cubes, and a teaspoon of rose water. Place the bowl in front of the fire and let the snow or ice melt. When melted, stir the mixture with your hand and anoint your forehead and each wrist. The scent of the rose water should calm you— let go of any bad thoughts. Take this mixture around your home and sprinkle it in front of doors and windows. Return to your hearth and bless the fireplace and chimney. Pour any extra mixture outside.

As a good general cleansing technique, after you have built a fire or when the wood is glowing brightly, sprinkle a handful of regular table salt onto the fire. This serves to bless and purify any space, as a bonus the salt also helps to slow any creosote build-up in the chimney. Use this once a day in my wood stove.

Advance Preparation

On the night of the full moon, take a bath with a special mix of cleansing herbs (see below) and set your intent as you meditate on spiritual cleansing and purification. Later, during the ritual, write down any negative thoughts you’ve been feeling, fold them inside a black or dark blue envelope and safely burn them.

Full Moon is an opportune time of the month for purging rituals to take place. The light the full moon offers illuminates those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. Once we have become enlightened to ways that are blocking us, the easier to let them go.

The full moon ritual releases or purging the things in our lives that no longer serving us such as addictions to food, drugs, or sex, relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships, discharging physical and emotional pains, etc.

Herb Bath

As you run the bath, you'll want to incorporate herbs that are associated with cleansing. The best way to do this is to tie herbs into a muslin cloth or bag, and hang it on the faucet so that the warm bathwater runs through it into the tub. Herbs associated with cleansing and purification include, but are not limited to:

  • Sage

  • Chamomile

  • Cinnamon

  • Lemon Balm

  • Sandalwood

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Hyssop

  • Sweetgrass

  • Peppermint

Once you've filled the bath with warm water, running through the herbal mix, immerse yourself in the tub. Make sure you're completely relaxed -- for some people, this may take a few minutes, but that's okay. Try to clear your mind completely. Focus on the warmth enveloping your body. Breathe deeply, taking in the scents of the herbal oils in the water. If you've got music playing, allow your mind to wander wherever the music may take you -- a sandy beach, a forest glade, wherever. Close your eyes, and become attuned to the rhythms of your own body.

Visualize, for a moment, all the negative energy in your body. As you focus on this, imagine it being swept out of your body, bit by bit, one particle at a time, through the pores of your skin. See it being released from your body, and diluted into the water. While the negative energy is leaving your body, think about how rejuvenating the bath is. See your body, your spirit, your soul being cleansed and purified by the herbs and the water.

When you feel ready, stand up and get out of the tub. After you've gotten out of the water, release the plug so that all the negativity absorbed by the water can be drained away.

Citrus Spice

Bath Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup dried Lemongrass

1/2 cup Lavender flowers

1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) whole Cloves

1/8 cup (2 tablespoons)

chopped or shredded Licorice root (optional)

3 drops Lemongrass essential oil

3 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Palma Rosa essential oil

Buy Supplies Whole cloves, Lavender flowers, Lemongrass leaves, Licorice root, Lavender essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Palma Rosa essential oil


  1. Combine the lemongrass, lavender flowers and licorice root in a dark glass or PET plastic jar. 2. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the cloves a little to break them into slightly smaller pieces and release their scent. If you don't have a mortar and pestle (I don't!) you can put the cloves in a strong plastic bag and gently hit them with a hammer, or you can grind them in a clean coffee maker - just be careful not to overdo it. 3. Add the cloves to the herbal bath tea mixture, then drop in the essential oils, placing each drop in its own little spot on top of the mixture. Use a stainless steel spoon to gently stir everything together. 4. Cap the jar and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using to let the aroma 'cure' (longer is better.) 5. To use your citrus spice aromatherapy bath recipe, scoop a few spoonful’s into a small organza or muslin drawstring bag.

  2. Fill about half full - it will expand in the water. If you don't have a bag, put a few spoonfuls into the center of a square of double thickness cheesecloth, pull the edges together and tie it closed with a string. Full Moon Purging Preparation.

Oatmeal Bath

Recipe Ingredients

2 cups Rolled Oats

3 tablespoons Chamomile flowers

3 tablespoons Lavender flowers

4 drops Chamomile essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Palma Rosa essential oil

Buy Supplies

Chamomile flowers. Lavender flowers. Glass jars .Chamomile essential oil. Lavender essential oil. Palma Rosa essential oil


1. Use your blender or clean coffee grinder to grind the oats to a coarse powder. Combine them in a large bowl with the chamomile and lavender flowers.

2. Drop in the essential oils, placing each drop in its own little spot on top of the mixture. Use a stainless steel spoon to gently stir everything together.

3. Place the herbal bath tea mixture in a dark glass or PET plastic jar.

4. Cap the jar and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using to let the aroma 'cure' (longer is better.)

How to Use your Oatmeal Bath Recipe

To use your homemade oatmeal bath, scoop a few spoonful’s into a small organza or muslin drawstring bag. Fill about half full - it will expand in the water. If you don't have a bag, put a few spoonful’s into the center of a square of double thickness cheesecloth, pull the edges together and tie it closed with a string. To get the most benefit from your aromatherapy bath recipe, boil a kettle of water, then steep the bag in a bowl of very hot water for 10 minutes or so. (Yes, you're making herbal tea for your bath!) Pour the liquid into your bathwater BEFORE YOU GET IN then check the temperature to make sure the bath water is not too hot. Drop the herbal bag in the water, slide in and relax for 20 minutes. Rub the bag over your skin - it will feel slippery. This is the mucilage from the oats, and it's extremely nourishing for your skin. It also helps reduce redness and itching. For a truly luxurious bath, add a tablespoon of aromatherapy carrier oil to extra-moisturize your skin. Dry off without rinsing, and lock in moisture with a good body lotion.

Ritual 2

  • Sacred Space - Create a sacred space and arrange a time to perform the ceremony (preferably at nighttime and outdoors under the moonlight).

  • Paper and Pen - Write down on separate slips of paper the things you want to release or change.

  • Supply Suggestions – Fire proof Calderon or cooking pot to toss the burning paper inside, candle with matches or lighter, water (to put out the fire afterwards), and smudging herbs for cleansing.

Full Moon Purging

  1. Cleansing - Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense. Invite your guides, angels, masters, or teachers to be at your side throughout the ceremony.

  2. Breath and Light - Light one or more candles. Look to the skies. Breathe in the night air.

  3. The Ceremony - One by one, read out loud the words you have written on each slip of paper. Set your intention to release the item/addiction/attitude from your life. Set it to fire and place it in the Calderon. If you have a campsite barbecue or bonfire going that's cool, just toss the slips of paper into the fire one by one. If you are doing this ritual with a group of others take turns reading your words. If these things are too personal to read out loud, read them silently to yourself. Just remember... our words have power. Saying - "Be Gone" audibly and loudly can be very freeing. Go ahead, howl at the moon if you've a mind to. Have some fun!

  4. Show Gratitude - Thank the spirits.

  5. Put out the fire.

The ritual marks this inner transformation in a formal, ceremonial way. Emphasizing to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to let go for the new you to emerge. Making way for new magical opportunities to come to you.

Purification using the elements

Fire and water are great symbolic ways of purifying.

  • Fire – consumes, burns away the old

  • Water – cleanses, washes away

A Full Moon Release Ritual

What you need: pen, paper, matches, candle, two small bowls, and water

If possible do this outside under the Full Moon, connecting directly with Mother Nature and the Moon’s energies.

If you cannot be outside, find a quiet place indoors.

  1. Clear your energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative and non-serving energies to be washed away.

  2. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet place to sit, declutter and clean, place crystals or other special items around you.

  3. Light the candle, fill one small bowl with water – place both in front of you, along with the other empty bowl.

  4. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write on the piece of paper what you wish to release from your life, what limiting beliefs you want to be free from, what no longer serves you or what you want to let go of.

  5. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.

  6. Breathe deep into your heart and declare “I now let this go. And it is so.” Then place one corner of the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page (throw the page into the empty bowl as it burns) watching the flames consume what you are releasing, the smoke taking your intention to the Universe. Please note: if your piece of paper struggles to light or burn, please consider if you are really ready to let this go! Only when you are willing to let go will the page burn – the faster the flames, the more willing you are to let it go.

  7. Then place your hands in the bowl of water. Signifying cleansing of the old and opening to the new.

  8. Remove your hands from the water and take a deep breath. Sit in silence for a moment. You may want to keep your candle burning for a while as you sit, allowing inspiration to spark.

This is only a suggestion of a ritual. Use your intuition to guide you. You may just want to sit with a lit candle and not burn your page. You may want to have a shower or jump into the ocean as part of a cleansing ritual. You may want to meditate on what to let go of rather than write it down.

Go with what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. It all comes down to intention. As long as your stay centered in why you are doing things in a certain way, the results will follow as you intended them to.

The moon, being the closest astronomical body to Earth, has a profound effect on us. It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

Another Full Moon Release Ritual

Items you'll need: Floating candles, a large bowl, water, matches, a pen.

  • 1. Create sacred space with candles, sage smudging, and setting up altars with powerful totems. For some rituals, I'll use an owl's wing that a friend gave me, to represent wisdom.

  • 2. If possible, stand or sit under the Moon. Allow yourself to feel a direct relationship to it, as a mover of the living waters of the Earth and within our own bodies.

  • 3. Do a grounding exercise, to bring you out of the chatter of small talk and into ritual space. Feel the earth under your feet and shake out the tension in the body.

  • 4. Place the large water-filled bowl in front of you, or in the middle of your gathering on a table.

  • 5. Each person writes what they're releasing on the floating candle. It's not important that it shows up, just that the intention is there.

  • 6. As you place the candle into the bowl, declare what you're releasing.

  • 7. Light the candle.

  • 8. Allow yourself to feel the transfer of what you're releasing to the candle. As a group focus on letting go into the water, holding hands if that feels right.

  • 9. Celebrate this release by sharing a feast under the full Moon!

Allow the candle to keep burning in the bowl as a symbol of the letting go process. The flame is a purifier, and symbolizes the sparks of inspiration as well. If you blow out your floating candle, and your bowl is in your home, relighting it will remind you of your commitment. Place inspiring pictures and totems around it that remind you of who you're becoming. Above all, give yourself kudos for honoring your own growth.

Using “The Violet Flame “

If you're not familiar with the violet flame, it’s a form of spiritual fire. It’s the violet flame of transmutation that clears negativity, density, and limiting thought patterns. It will even clear limiting beliefs from your mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Archangel Metatron, Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germain, and Jesus are closely connected with the violet flame. They are on hand to help us experience the violet flame.

Close your eyes, taking a relaxing breath and shifting your awareness inside. Ask that you be surrounded with divine light, and with your team of Guides and Angels. Ask Archangel Metatron, Zadkiel, St. Germain, and Jesus to step forward and assist you in receiving the benefit of the violet flame.

Let yourself relax and focus inward so that you are able to tune into a higher vibrational light. Become aware of the violet flame appearing before you now. Visualize the violet flame of transmutation as it appears in front of you and begins to move all around you.

Visualize this flame as being very bright, very large, or very tall. It contains the pure energy of source, divine light. It brightly burns around you now to cleanse and elevate your vibration. To release, dissolve and remove from your energy lower vibrations of tension, density or negative emotion; to release and dissolve any lower vibrational entities, thought patterns, attachments, or implants which do not serve in your ultimate awakening.

Breathe and let your awareness focus upon the area of your heart, visualizing light glowing therein. Let the light then travel upward into your throat, opening and expanding and traveling upward more into your third eye, your mind’s eye, and opening and expanding and traveling up into your crown, opening and expanding.

Surround Yourself with the Violet Flame

Now, let your awareness expand and tune into your oneness with the violet flame of transmutation; with your oneness with the violet flame which is a conscious energy which you can call upon.

Say out loud

“I call upon the violet flame to surround me, to cleanse my energy, and elevate my vibration”.

Let your level of awareness remain focused within as the violet flame brightly shines all around you. Let it connect you with the higher realms of existence, with the higher levels of divine love by helping you to consciously expand and release lower levels of emotion.

Release All that Does Not Serve You

Take a deep breath in as you begin to tune into any lower vibrational energy you are carrying. And as you exhale, let go and release all density, negativity, lower vibrational emotion, and fear based constructs. Breathe out and release all that no longer serves your highest interests into the light of the violet flame where it is released into the divine light, and so it is.

Relax and let the spiritual vibration of the violet flame replenish your energy body, returning pure divine light and source light into your mind, body and spirit. Imagine that you are lifting up in the violet flame, that it is elevating your light, cleansing you on every level.

You effortlessly shine brighter, more radiantly, more authentically, more in alignment with your truth as an awakened spiritual being in physical form. Shine your light, visualize the violet flame glowing brilliantly around you, transmuting lower levels, protecting you, elevating your vibration and reconnecting you with divine light.

With the violet flame all around you, expand your focus to tune into the collective consciousness of humanity. Surround humanity with the violet flame, transmuting fear and negativity, transmuting ego, judgment, pain. Release the lower levels of density, stagnant energy, fear-based constructs and the energy of manipulation into the light, into the divine. Let these lower vibrational energies go.

Gaia Light

Continue to expand your awareness and tune into the earth, the light of Gaia. Surround Gaia with the violet flame of transmutation, assisting her to cleanse and release that which no longer serves. Release tension, negativity, fear, and toxins into the light of the divine. Release into the light of the violet flame.

Visualize the violet flame of transmutation shining brightly around Gaia, around humanity, your city, home and self. Allow this visualization to help you be fully present in this moment here and now, free from the ego’s desire to focus on the future or dwell on the past. Rather, return your full awareness to the present where all of your power resides.

Tune into this through your open-heart. Dive into the heart and let your light expand and shine, knowing that Metatron, Zadkiel, St. Germain, Yeshua are there to support and serve you in any moment. Invite them in and call upon the violet flame directly to transmute and release lower densities, so that your authentic brilliance and radiant light may once again vibrantly shine. Recognize yourself in this expanded version of self that encompasses all, that is one with all that is, that is your authentic self.

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