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COVID 19 Spirit Imbalance

I have not written my blog in some time. There are multiple reasons for this, the COVID 19. Early on I had a rush of clients that kept me busy, then a major program evaluation to complete, designing my new courses on “Preparing for the Next Golden Age with enhanced and higher abilities”. More recently, it is because of research, both for my course but also some queries and theories I have been thinking about. Most of the next few Blogs will center around these thoughts and will discuss things such as: The Great Year and associated catastrophes, The Cycle of the ages, developing Consciousness, Transforming consciousness. Transfiguration and Ascension, Zodiacs and so much more.

I am going to Start with the increasing number of deceased around and the thinning of the Veil. I am certain that I am not the only psychic medium that is undergoing increased interaction.

During the last few months, I find myself overcome with deep sadness and crying, I’ll see dead people in hospital gowns standing outside my house, or in the room, I get visions of deceased people standing over their bodies, confused and lost. I sometimes see them in arenas sitting in the stands or standing next to many wrapped bodies on the floor.

So many people are passing in one day, one hour and even at the same moment, that it has created an imbalance between this dimension and the next.

I began to wonder if perhaps something similar was experienced during the world wars and previous pandemics and plagues, but I was not successful in finding much on the topic.

So, let us start with an understanding of Ghosts and the veil and move from there.

For some of my client’ some of this will be a repeat, but not a lot of it. Science has found ever increasing methods to prove that people are made of particles of energy. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. Given this law, when a person passes, their energy changes but it not destroyed. Individuals on the spirit level can have a body composed of finer matter and vibrations. Their thoughts create their reality and they communicate telepathically. One's personality is normally unchanged from what it was on earth, yet intellectual growth continues. Separation due to the body's skin no longer exist. One's mind determines the body's appearance, missing limbs are re-established, disfigurations become perfect and the age one appears is subject to choose, my mother prefers to visit me at her age of 40 and can wear remarkably interesting clothes. Most will appear fully recovered from any illness they suffered from.

A ghost is generally described as the spirit of a dead person or animal that either has not moved on to the afterlife or has returned from it. The definition of "spirit" can vary. Some describe it as a person's soul, while others believe it is an energetic imprint that a person leaves on the world.

It seems, that for as long as humans have been around, we have believed in -- or been skeptical about ghosts. They show up in the Bible, early literature such as “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and they have been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, Ghost stories are part of most culture’s folklore, although the details vary considerably from region to region

­­­­­­At different times in history the acceptance of the belief in ghosts has been high or low. In the Victorian era, people frequently reported seeing ghosts, some bearing­ the news of deaths and disasters and others just visiting. When I was growing up, reporting the seeing of spirits usually resulted in accusations of being crazy. There has been a resurgence in the belief, in fact recent research indicates that about 4 out of every 10 people believe that they exist and an additional 20% reported that they probably exist.

Speaking personally, I have had many encounters with spirits in lots of different ways. I have seen full apparitions, some white and translucent and others as solid looking as an alive person. Sometimes it’s strange lights, orbs of various colours (even chasing one another), lots of times it’s sensing a presence in a room, feeling watched ( I have a spirit that watches me from the basement doorway), hearing noises or feeling a sudden drop in temperature. I frequently feel my mother stroke my hair (feels like cobwebs). I have smelt flowers, food, and smoke when I should not. I have had my radio just start on its own and play a song. Some spirits make objects fall from shelves and doors open and close on their own. I have had them move my bed, pull up my mattress and pull my blankets, Some like to mess with the electricity causing lights to flicker or turn on and off my televisions, super annoying!). I have seen mists, and orbs in pictures, they follow me home and sometimes they hold my arm, nearly freezing it off.

As my clients know some of the spirits that I have dealt with practically destroyed my life.

Some spirits are not human, some are evil, some alien and some take the form of animals. On occasion, I have woken to have a face in front of me, sometimes, known (usually means they have passed) and sometimes not.

Other ghosts are the spirits of people who died violently or suddenly; they may residual and re-enact their deaths, are stuck or lost, or try to seek vengeance. The ones around COVID 19 are mostly the ghosts who are simply sticking around, either unwilling or unable to leave the Earth. Most tend to be trying to figure out what has happened and do not seem to realize that they are dead. Very few of these are re-enacting their deaths but have either an energy of sadness or stress about them. Paranormal researchers often refer to these types of ghosts as earthbound spirits. An earthbound ghost may haunt a specific location, like its home, its favorite place to visit or the place that they died. It may stick with its body or appear to someone that the spirit believes can see or hear them. It may be trying to pass a message to friends or loved ones, to complete a task that it started while alive or to hold on to its home or possessions. As my clients know, some of the vindictive spirits can cause all kinds of trouble.

Of course, there are also ghostly reproductions of inanimate objects, like sunken ships or crashed cars, reappear after accidents or tragedies.

Some paranormal researchers believe that photographs containing orbs, or unexplained spots of light, are signs of ghostly activity. Occasional someone will share a photo on Facebook, and I will point out a full apparition spirit in the picture. Some describe orbs as a specific step in a ghost's manifestation [Source: Utah Ghost Research & Investigation]. Orbs are visible in pictures but often invisible to the naked eye because the spirits react to infrared light from the automatic focus.

For those skeptics out there, ­Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has researched the phenomenon of haunting in Great Britain. He has studied locations considered to be haunted, like the Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court Palace, the Edinburgh Vaults and Mary King's Close. First, he consulted written records and interviewed employees to determine exactly where in each location people have reported ghostly activity. Then, he asked visitors to document their experiences and report anything out of the ordinary.

  • His results have been consistent -- people report more strange experiences in the areas where others have experienced unusual phenomena in the past. In other words, people have more ghostly experiences in the places that seem to be the most haunted. This is true regardless of whether people have any prior knowledge of the area or its ghostly history. However, people who say they believe in ghosts or who already know about supernatural activity in an area report strange events more often. I know that when I visited the above places, I certainly had plenty of action.

Many of my clients in Europe have spirits walking all over their towns and right through their houses. When I am working with these clients I may or may not mention them depending on the spirits interaction. Lots of times I do not talk about them because they are not the problem.

There is evidence supporting the existence of a spirit world coming from many research areas which collaborate the viewpoint of ancient civilizations and religious traditions. This evidence has been garner from more than a century of investigations into channeling and mediumship, but more recently data from the field of thanatology (the scientific study of death and dying), research on out-of-body and especially near-death experiences, the study of comatose patients, reincarnation research with children, and finally the use of electronic devices to receive information from the spirit level.

All religious traditions hold that "to die in a state of prayer is enormously powerful." In the Buddhist tradition considerable emphasis is placed upon developing practices for dying. They point out that "whatever thought you die with is the one that will return most potently when you reawaken" beyond the veil. The emphasis placed upon the state of mind at death could be based upon resonance being the connection between levels of physicality. When one considers resonance as the primary organizing mechanism beyond the veil, then the concept of heaven and hell take on a unique meaning. A person's thought patterns while in the physical body indeed establishes the environment that they will encounter in their after-life. You are therefore creating your own future "heaven" or "hell" by today's actions and choices.

Now let us move to a small discussion of the veil. The veil is described as an ethereal “curtain” between the everyday illusion of separation and the divine truth of eternity and oneness with all that is. As my clients will tell you, it is my belief that our true essence is a beautiful column of light.

When I visit beyond the veil the environment is similar to the actual world. There are and beautiful settings with sandy beaches, lakes, and mountains. Butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.

In a paper Dr. Dean Brown and William C. Gough, on Resonance, Coherence, and Us proposed "resonance" as the mechanism for the interactions between physical and non-physical worlds. Quantum physics states that everything in the universe is vibrating -- all forms and patterns have a spectrum of waves associated with them. Resonance represents the transfer of energy/information between vibrating waves of similar shapes and forms. Enormously powerful energy transfers occur for identical wave characteristics. But for wave characteristics far apart, energy transfers are almost undetectable.

This would then mean that in this dense physical world where our material bodies now reside, separation occurs based upon the physical properties of the environment -- we are separated by oceans, mountains, national boundaries, as well as our physical bodies. Although we bond with friends, family, country and establish a resonance, the resonant process has not served as the principle organizing mechanism for humanity. However, beyond the veil resonance may become the primary organizing mechanism. Individuals with close associations and similar thought patterns would cluster together because their wave characteristics resonate. This would explain why most contacts with the deceased involve relatives and close associates. Intention (a focused thought pattern) provides the basis for the creative process at all levels. Only with finer matter and higher frequencies this process has a very rapid response -- you become what you think.

Those of you who have astral traveled or visited the veil are often limited in your descriptions because the physical and astral brains operate on a different level and so much gets lost in the translation to physical memory that the subconscious mind and dream states get in the way

The reason the astral and spiritual worlds are far more natural, free, superior, alive, and comprehensive than anyone or anything on Earth is that the reality of the afterlife consists of much finer atoms, particles, energies, higher dimensions, and intelligent laws and forces than all the heavier, more massive and awkward material atoms and laws of physics physical things are made from and subject to. Life on Earth is only a pale reflection of the life to come. Those who have had near death experiences will tell you your level of existence after death is much higher and a higher vibration. Ones form can morph into a multitude of shapes that you can explore an endless numbers of places, there are so many things to do ,to discover and explore, and vast amounts of information on every subject available and an expansion of awareness and knowledge that goes way beyond materialistic, earthly concepts and understanding. They are capable of hearing conversations all over the world at the same time, that they can be in multiple places at the same time and be surrounded by colours with a vibrancy and hue unknown in our earthbound world,

Beyond the veil there are a variety of levels or dimensions. The planes or spheres of existence closest to Earth tend to be the easiest to describe in terms the average person can comprehend. But there is much activity and amazing civilizations on all spheres, on all levels. There are beautiful cities, towns, villages, art colonies, art galleries, movie theaters, stages, operas, museums, schools, stores (not commercial), libraries, vast natural landscapes, continents, forests, gardens, huge flowers, very tame loving animals, mountains, meadows, plains, seas, boats, ships, yachts, lakes, waterfalls, and anything and everything else really wonderful and good that one can imagine and not imagine.

When I speak to the deceased, they speak of an 8-day adjustment period but then they evolve into ever more beautiful states of existence. The spirits often say that they are at peace and happier than ever. They have helped me to never fear dying because dying is absolutely the best thing that had ever happened to them! They are quite content and are often bewildered when told that there will always be even more beautiful, even lovelier, higher places or spheres they can evolve and move into. I have not been able to understand when it is that they return to life reborn into a new life, but at some point, they do.

So, now that I have explained all this, you can see why it is so disturbing with what is happening now. Every October the veil thins, and we are offered a chance to go deeply and connect with our deceased love ones. A portal of energy unlocks at that time of year, allowing for this deeper connection with the spirit world.

However, this is not that time and yet the veil is very thin. There seems to be some kind of energy imbalance going on. I suspect that most Empaths and sensitive people are experiencing increased mood changes, feeling of presences, changes in temperatures and disturbed sleep. Even if you can not see them, you probably feel it.

In researching this phenomena, I came across a Canadian historian Tim Cook who found First

World War diaries were more rife with supernatural encounters than one would expect.

“There are spectral visions; people see ghosts, they see images of their mothers, they see dead comrades,” said the Canadian War Museum historian and the author of the First World War Histories Shock Troops and One of the most vivid accounts comes from Ghosts Have Warm Hands, a memoir by Canadian veteran Will Bird published in 1968.

Its defining moment comes when the writer, sleeping in a dugout, describes how he was awakened by the ghost of his brother Steve, who had been killed two years before.

“Steve grinned as he released my hands, then put his warm hand over my mouth as I started to shout my happiness,” he wrote.

Saying “get your gear,” Steve gestured for Mr. Bird to follow him before disappearing. Moments later, the shelter in which he had been sleeping was hit by a shell.

Other accounts found by Mr. Cook reported a “calming presence.” Seconds after a shell explosion buried him in corpses during the 1916 Battle of the Somme, Wallace Reid crawled out to find the battlefield had become silent.

“I waited, scarcely breathing, for something — waited, it seemed minutes that could only have been seconds. Then it came — invisible, intangible, but nevertheless, very real. Something came to that place of desolation, stopped a moment and passed on again,” he wrote to his mother.

One Canadian infantryman, Glenn Iriam, also described the otherworldly feeling of surveying a devastated battlefield.

“You could feel the pulse of the thousands of the dead with their pale hands protruding through the mud here and there and seeming to beckon you,” he wrote in his memoir In the Trenches. “You could feel the presence of something not of this earth. Akin to goblins.”

I too have felt strange energies on famous battlefields, like Claudin and an odd stillness in a gravesite along the Chilcot Pass.

Premonitions were also rampant. Mr. Cook uncovered numerous accounts of soldiers describing comrades becoming eerily certain that they would not survive a coming battle.

Mr. Cook quoted one wounded soldier, Amos Mayse, who wrote home after his injury, “it seems strange that one should have the premonition of coming events as your dream yet it very often happens, the night I was hit, before leaving the front line trenches I had the feeling which I could not rid myself of that something was going to happen.”

Mr. Cook found no evidence of spectral visions during training or among soldiers in non-combat roles. Instead, the phenomenon was reserved exclusively for the front lines, in what he calls the “borderland between life and death.”

Until their dying day, many veterans who would never report another spiritual encounter still held fast to the belief that they had seen something ethereal on the battlefields of France.

Britain has a rich and diverse history and with such a long and incredible past it is no surprise that beneath the surface lies an extensive world of horrible deeds, macabre events, despicable crimes, and disturbing tales of paranormal and supernatural activity. Sometimes of our own making and sometimes as victims of fate or foe, it is perhaps inevitable that we would develop a darker legacy alongside our battle for survival. Plague pits, riots, rebellions, grisly murders, and gruesome punishments – Britain has witnessed it all.

Hiding all manner of disaster, death, disease and dreadfulness, Britain’s streets are steeped in this sinister and dark history - scrape back the façade and an astonishing underbelly of horror and bloodshed is uncovered. From bloody battles, witchcraft, executions, ghostly apparitions, and murder most horrid, our grim and terrible past is revealed through tales of true crime and mystery, urban legends, folklore, and ghost tales.

Even the famous have reported experiences. Soon after World War II, Winston Churchill was visiting the White House when he is said to have had an uncanny experience. Having had a long bath with a Scotch and cigar, he reportedly walked into the adjoining bedroom – only to be met by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Unflappable, even while completely naked, Churchill apparently announced: “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” The spirit smiled and vanished.

His supposed contact with the supernatural puts Churchill in illustrious company. Arthur Conan Doyle spoke to ghosts through mediums, while Alan Turing believed in telepathy. Three men who were all known for their razor-sharp thinking yet could not stop themselves from believing in the impossible. You may well join them. According to recent surveys, as many as three quarters of Americans believe in the paranormal, in some form, while nearly one in five claim to have actually seen a ghost.


Well that is it, let me know what you are experiencing.

If you would like to comment on this, or anything else you have seen on Illuminating Transformations , head over to our Facebook or Google+ page, or message me on Twitter.

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