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Springing into the Aries New Moon

New Moon in Aries- Monday, 3/27/17

10:57pm EDT, 7:57 pm PDT, 3:57am GT

Happy New Year!

Astrologically speaking, the New Year begins in Aries on March 20th with the Spring Equinox. So, if your New Year’s resolutions fell flat, The Ram helps push us forward with the new moon on the 27th and to take ACTION!

Tonight the Moon begins a new lunar cycle as it moves into self-focused Aries and it's all about "me time." It's begging us to start something new with an emphasis on self and improving our physical and mental well-being. Think of this as a wake-up call for a long overdue personality make-over. The new moon in Aries gives us the dynamism to break down the restraints of captivity from everything that has instigated us to feel limited. The energy of this moon will provide abundant time to renew, restructure, reform, and reconsider. Aries energy gives us determination and control to get rid of disorder in our home, body, mind, and soul. When we rid ourselves of possessions that are degenerative space, and we clean ourselves, we get prepared to be born again. Now is the time to become liberated. For many it can be a beautiful healing liveliness to restoration of what is dithering and to let go of past injuries.

The New Moon in Aries wants us to be unapologetically authentic. With so many inputs and messages around who, how and what you should be doing with your life, it's easy to lose sight of our true purpose. That's why tonight is the perfect time to audit yourself and make sure you're playing to your natural strengths. Here's an easy start...

The New Moon in Aries, ruled by Mars, is the sign post of the 1st stirrings of spring with rebirth and new beginnings. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac ushering in the New Year for the zodiac. Aries is raging hot to trot with spontaneous combustion to start things up, with “I will” affirmations. Aries is one step ahead, ready and able to forge ahead and spring forward with assertive conviction (positive) or aggressive anger (negative).

The New Moon in Aries March 27th at 7 degrees is a new open road and always a time when spring is sprung and in the air with an Aries force of nature bursting everywhere. An Aries refreshing new cycle gears up for a time to rebuild and reinvent with renewal and rebirth. The restlessness and anticipation in the air is ready and ripe for new action and Aries paves the way for what’s next. Aries helps lead the way into beginning again out in the forefront taking the helm, headstrong and willful. Aries fuels with energetic spirit and fights the good fight with bravery and courage, getting into action.

The ruler of the emotional body (Venus) is joined with the co-rulers of the spiritual body (Sun and Moon), forming an integrated conduit in order to reflect our full consciousness from the heart. Venus synthesizes the Sun’s and Moon’s expression of Source into emotional responses in the Heart. The power of synthesizing the emotional with the physical and spiritual gives us the understanding to prioritize our responses for creating foundational stability.

Venus is a focal point of the New Moon as the New Moon in Aries rides along with Venus Retrograde in Aries. With Venus Aries retrograde, new plans and shifts in direction are afoot with more retroactive, restorative strategies, reviewing and renegotiating decisions. Venus retrograde with Venus in Aries is in its detriment drawing out the shadow with fierceness and raw emotions, ripe for expression, making for a bumpy ride that’s rough around the edges. Venus in Aries in detriment is challenged with introspection with more emphasis on demanding, pressing issues eager for confrontation, forcing any toxic issue to the surface.

All the verve and vim of Aries is a perfect recipe for burnout as the New Moon in Aries stumbles along stifled with Venus retrograde in Aries holding back the reigns. Venus, typically associated with balance, fairness, cooperation, values, self worth and relating is under review at this time, tested with Venus Aries ram like qualities of “you can go your own way” with any flack and differences that agree to disagree. Venus Aries is less inclined to the social graces of reciprocation, pretty smiles or pleasant exchanges, seeing past all the niceties or false fronts to the crux of any matter. Venus Aries is ready to slice and dice any relation or circumstance that doesn’t hold value or worth which will become more evident when Venus turns direct and squares Saturn mid April.

Jupiter Libra is square Pluto Capricorn this week, further adding fuel to the Aries fire, on high alert, raising the bar and any alarm bells, upping the ante with power struggles (Pluto) to keep balance, cooperation, collaboration, fairness, equality and peaceful resolution (Jupiter Libra) airing out grievances and disagreements. Jupiter Libra square Pluto Capricorn will continue into the Full Moon in Libra April 10th, where any animosity or aggravation may see full expression.

Mars Taurus tempers the Aries flames with a steady, even keeled, pleasure earthy focus and is a welcome reminder during this Aries rush that patience is a virtue. Mars Taurus continues to soften any blows while in aspect to Neptune and finds strengthened purpose in aspect to Pluto into mid April

Venus, the ruler of the emotional body and co-ruler of the divine feminine, also disposes the mental body’s ability to sustain its focus on Love, enabling Love to be manifested in the physical world.

The Heart’s divine feminine co-ruler, Mars, is disposing this Aries New Moon event from a dignified position, calling for Spirit’s Love to be manifested through the actions we choose to initiate via the power of our mental focus and choices. Mars is also disposing Venus’ current retrograde journey in which she is upgrading her consciousness with Source in order to be a true and authentic reflector of Source's higher consciousness of Love.

This Aries New Moon event is also receiving affable support from Orcus and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) who are in a bridge with the Earth Star Chakra (South Node). Orcas and the Soul Star Chakra are reflecting Virgo’s wholeness and healing Christ-consciousness from on high today via the direct axis of consciousness from Source that informs our physical experiences on Earth. The invisible realm of 5D consciousness is opening up before our very eyes today if we look from on high and from the perspective of Source’s original through of Love that the mental body was recently upgraded with.

The mental body is being impacted today by the Light Bridge’s (Uranus/Eris/Jupiter/Haumea) intersection with Pluto, who is slowing down to go retrograde, following suit with Jupiter. Planets that are retrograde take us back toward Source, who is unity consciousness. So as we are undergoing this ongoing transformation of our collective and individual consciousness, we are aligning our newly upgraded mental operating system with these higher frequencies. This allows the Heart’s current upgrading to find a place of resonance within the Mind, keeping them apace and in sync for merger in right time. We are in a process of synchronization and alignment of the 4 lower bodies of self, aligning their 3D expression and experience with the 5D version in order to become fluid co-creators within the frequency range of possibilities that are opening before us once we become proficient in keeping the portals open between dimensions, worlds, and universes. All that is required to ALLOW POSSIBILITIES to emerge from the Heart, where everything is possible. This is the vehicle through which Source communicates with each and every one of us.

If we try to manifest these possibilities through a 3D mental operating system, we are limited by a fixed set of manifestation options designed to separate out aspects for knowledge. Separation is not the only avenue to knowledge and wisdom. Higher dimensional frequency bandwidths offer options for gaining wisdom and knowledge of self, furthering unification of the ever-increasing subtle spaces “in-between” that Haumea opens the portal into for access within our conscious experience.

Aries New Moon Ritual

If you want to bring new energy into your life under the influence of this amazing New Moon, here is a ritual idea to follow-

Aries New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings

You will need:

  • 3 red candles (red indicates action, fire and energy, which is why red is a good choice but you can also use white or orange)

  • Pen and three pieces of paper

  • Smudging tool (sage, essential oils, incense, palo santo, bells etc.)

  • Bowl of water


1. Start by cleansing your aura and your space using your preferred smudging tool.

2. Once the energy of your space and aura is cleansed, take your pen and papers and write-

  • On the first paper write something from your past that you would like to release.

  • On the second piece of paper write down something you wish to feel in your life right now.

  • On the third piece of paper write down something you wish to manifest in your life for the future.

3. Once you have your three wishes, line up your candles in a row and place the pieces of paper in front of them in the same order as you wrote them- so this means the thing you want to release goes next to the first candle and the thing you want to manifest goes next to the last candle.

4. Light the three candles. Breathe deeply and just take a few minutes to silence and quiet your mind. Perhaps even place your hand on your heart to tune into your soul. Call on your spirit guides and guardian angels to join you.

5. When you are ready, take the first piece of paper- the thing you want to release, and declare it aloud. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you release this thing. When you have finished making your declaration aloud, place the paper into the flame of the first candle. Once the paper is too hot, drop it in the bowl of water. (The water is a safety measure).

6. Repeat this same process with the next piece of paper- state your wish aloud and ask your spirit guides and angels to help you invite this feeling into your life. Place the paper into the flame on the second candle. Repeat this same process with the last candle and last piece of paper.

Safety note: please be careful with the burning the paper in the candles! Do this at your own risk.

7. Once you are done with all three papers, it is time to blow out the candles. To do this, recite the “I” mantra suggested below and then use the power of your breath to blow out the candle-

1st candle- I release

2nd candle- I feel

3rd candle- I manifest

To close the ritual, take the first candle, the candle you used for releasing and place it outside, you can also smudge it if you don’t have an outdoor area. You can keep the other two candles in your space or on your altar. Discard the water and the paper in any way that you wish to.

Happy New Moon!

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