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Moon Blessing in July

Well last night's (July 9th ) Thunder Moon in Capricorn was powerful and got to the heart of the conflict. Activating a powerful opposition between Pluto and Mars, there’s something we had to face. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we ask ourselves if we have the faith to see it through? Do our beliefs hold up? Are we willing to alter how we see the world?

I performed many releasing and blessings for others last night, using sage, a bell, fire and Obsidian, Ametrine releasing emotional and mental blockages, apatite to release sorrow, anger and inertia and Fire Agate to release stress, fears, worries, negativity and lack. In a time honored ritual, using Tiger's eye, for abundance, Carnelian for energy enhancement and happiness, Angel aura quartz for elimination of restrictive beliefs and erroneous mental attitudes, Lithotherapy to help with diplomatic communication, self expression and intuition. All magnified by clear quartz clusters and to help align my client's energy with that of the universe by raising the vibration.

I awoke clear headed and optimistic and hope my client's felt the same.

The month of July is full of warmth, love, and abundance as July is a fantastic and powerful "8" Universal Month which has the power to continue to expand your heart and spirit. Looking forward, Mars moves into fiery Leo on 7/21 welcoming courage, drive, and a bit of ego and on 7/23 the powerful Leo New Moon rises! This is a potent manifesting month so make sure you prepare emotionally and spiritually.

The Leo New Moon on July 23 will kick off a lunar month that will see us into eclipse season. With Leo and Aquarius forming the axis of the next round of eclipses in August, we’re going to start to feel the eclipse energy percolate this month. Something is definitely brewing and we may be seeing signs and portents everywhere.

DATES TO NOTE: 7/1 Chiron Retrograde 28 Pisces; 7/2 Mars opposite Pluto; 7/3 Venus sextile Chiron; 7/4 Venus in Gemini, Mercury square Uranus; 7/5 Mercury trine Chiron, Sun square Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury in Leo; 7/7 Mercury sextile Venus; 7/9 Full Moon 17 Capricorn, Sun opposite Pluto; 7/14 Mercury sextile Jupiter; 7/17 Mars square Uranus, Venus square Neptune; 7/18 Mars trine Chiron, Venus trine Jupiter; 7/19 Mercury trine Saturn; 7/20 Mars in Leo, Sun square Uranus; 7/21 Sun trine Chiron; 7/22 Sun in Leo; 7/23 New Moon 0 Leo; 7/24 Mercury trine Uranus, Venus opposite Saturn; 7/25 Mercury in Virgo; 7/26 Sun conjunct Mars; 7/30 Venus sextile Uranus, Venus square Chiron; 7/31 Venus in Cancer.

Birthstone Symbolic Of July


People born in July can claim the ruby as their birthstone. This fits in with the theme of regality and boldness. However, the ruby is also connected with contentment and joy. These feelings are synonymous with summer, making this semi-precious ruby stone perfect as a sign of July.

Flowers Associated With July Symbolism

Although the temperatures are sizzling hot, flowers are still in full bloom during this month – as long as it rains enough, of course. July is symbolized by two beautiful flowers: the Larkspur and the Water Lily.


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