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Trining with Uranus and Aquarius

It's coming and it's big!

Uranus will trine the Sun during the upcoming solar eclipse… and that’s really big news on the transformational side of things! That is because, Uranus is the planet of change and unexpected surprises. This is the planet that forces you to evolve, whether you’re ready for it or not! Now, the trine transit is a favorable one, so this influence should be generally positive as well, but don’t get too comfortable just yet… remember, the whole point of Uranus is to change and you and I both know that change isn’t always easy… The good news is that Uranus’ influence to change can be quite liberating! Uranus says let go of the baggage and who cares what other people think… When Uranus is at play in your chart, it’s often the wake-up call you need to stop pretending to be something you’re not and instead, embrace all the wonderful being that is you! And magnified by the solar eclipse of new beginnings, that definitely sounds promising!

LEARNING ABOUT URANUS AND ITS IMPACT Uranus takes approximately 84 years to come full circle. This slow-moving planet’s transits are long-lasting, and each transit takes its time to unfold. As Uranus transits a point in our Natal chart, retrogrades back over it, and then hits it again in direct motion, it imparts its own special wisdom upon the areas of lives and parts of our psyches ruled by that point.

The magnitude and way in which Uranus affects our lives depends on whether we are open to or resist its influences. Remember it is always better to work with this planet of independence, liberation, and enlightenment. Unlike Saturn, which slows down our inner clock in order to persuade us to face reality, Uranus speeds up our tempo in order for us to consider taking risks and making changes.

When Uranus touches an area of our lives or psyches, especially by hard transit, You will begin to feel restless and dissatisfied with any routine or “status quo” connected to it. Our consciousness regarding these parts of ourselves and our lives is accelerated to the point that others might consider our actions (and reactions) hasty or rebellious. If mishandled, we may act in inconsiderate and brusque ways.

AS mentioned above Uranus acts to disrupt, change, and re-do whatever it touches. Uranus frees or forces us from thinking inside the box, and offers us opportunities for reaching out and trying something completely new. Uranus speeds up our lives, offering us chances to take some risks and to experiment with totally new ways of living and interacting with others and our environment. Uranus is forward-looking and does not have patience with lifestyles or attitudes that are attached to the past or the traditional. Transiting Uranus shakes us up and offers us a chance to be more aware of our individuality. This planet doesn’t accept stagnation nor accept restriction. Personal freedom is highlighted. Transiting Uranus acts to awaken and to make us aware of our feelings of being restricted and constricted. Uranus surprises, jolts, and stimulates.

The following are interpretations of Uranus’s transits to planets and points. Note that alternate meanings are indicated by a * and +, and are offered here for the student of astrology wishing to expand his or her knowledge with different perspectives of each transit.


Getting back to the eclipse on August 21, 2017 we know it’s a New Moon eclipse, which is therefore a Solar Eclipse and this one happening at the end of Leo.

This eclipse occurs at a “hotspot” of Leo energy: a particularly strong flavor of Leo, because the end of Leo is where the bright blue star Regulus resides.

Regulus has been revered for millennia, a star that can actually be touched by the planets because it’s the closest bright star to the ecliptic plane, the belt of all planets. Sometimes, the Moon actually “occults” the star Regulus, fully aligning with it.

Regulus has a revolutionary, bold, fiery quality to it. It’s a warrior star, an energy that is very headstrong and potentially righteous.

As I mentioned above another energy that is extremely headstrong and (potentially) righteous is Uranus, especially in fiery Aries: and the most exact aspect this eclipse makes is a strong, positive trine to Uranus in Aries.

This Eclipse is trine Aquarius’ planet, Uranus: thinker, revolutionary, unique energy of Uranus and Aquarius are the dominant theme in these eclipses. Fiery thinker energy.

People throughout the world will feel the headstrong, electric, inspired energy associated with this trine/Eclipse. Unfortunately, those who are misguided will feel and use this energy for misguided purposes, while others may feel the inspiration and use the energy for better purposes.

This is an extremely clear sign of revolutionary, warrior energy: this eclipse will solidify an inspiration in people, a revolutionary conviction, a headstrong energy, an electric, thinking, learning energy in people that is lit on fire. Surely certain powers in the world will try to utilize the energy to create chaos and frustration as well.

Expect that this eclipse will instill fire and electricity in people: a bold willpower, rejuvenated inspiration and energy, a warrior-thinker energy that will inspire everyone from good people, to bad people, to clear minded people, to confused people.

The impact of Eclipse energy lasts some time and it is why some psychics and astrologists are predicting conflict and the unmasking of Trump. I guess we will see.

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