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Stairway to Heaven - the Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra or Seat of the Soul

The first of the spiritual chakra, numbered eight, is often referred to as the soul star chakra and is associated with the origin of enlightenment and with the principle of ascension, and to the ideal, 'I transcend'.

It is the centre which connects us to divine love, being also the main conduit between our higher selves (our eternal souls) and our incarnated selves (our personalities and the expression of our souls in this lifetime). It is concerned with the spiritual compassion and selflessness which comes from the appreciation we gain of ourselves as existences beyond time and space. When this chakra starts to open we begin to understand that we are souls within a temporary body, and not bodies with a soul. And we start to see other people in this light and begin to have some glimpses into their soul dimensions, empathizing more with the particular challenges of their soul's journey.


Sanskrit name: Padaka-Pancaka Location: Arms reach above the head Symbol: Silver in color, infinate symbol in a circle Central Ability: center of esoteric learning and devine love Color: silver or ultraviolet Essential Oils: Harmony, sandlewood, white angelica, sweet, restorative aromas Rose (Rosa damascena), Neroli (Citrus aurantium) Crystals and Stones: Amethist, Clear quartz, Petalite, Phenacite, Merkaba Stars Stars and Astrological Signs: Dark Star hidden among the comets, would be north of Scotland Sound or mantra: Body: energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness Orientation to self: Insight Goals: Rights: To feel, wisdom Developmental stage: Continuously though life, karmic residue, activates spiritual skills contained in the 7th chakra Identity: Feeling of whole Level of relationship: Truth Holding Pattern: Doubt Element: Organs: Heart, Thymus gland, manubrium Excessive: Deficient: Disassociation, numbness Balanced: spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness, your karmic residue, peace, calm Physical Dysfunctions: Mysterious, non-responding illnesses Addictions:

Soul Star Chakra... Where Is It ... Chakra Meanings?

Notice the Sri Yantra on top

Another name for the eighth chakra is the seat of the soul. It is located on the top of the head, above the crown chakra.

This chakra is situated above the highest point of the physical body, and is approximately a hand width above the head, or around six inches, and up to two feet in some people.

It is the first transpersonal chakra. Although there is a gateway between it and the crown chakra, commonly called the Stellar Gateway, this is the next chakra above the crown chakra in the etheric body.

The Soul Star chakra houses the age-old knowledge of all of the soul contracts we have made in our many incarnations, and it is for this reason that issues relating to our soul's purpose become so important to us when this chakra is activated. The things we have agreed to do on a soul level, whether we have any clear recollection of them or not, come up for attention and nag at us until we give them due care. Often then, as the Eighth chakra opens, we feel a strong need to realign ourselves and to finally start to do what we somehow know we are here to do. Also housed within this chakra are the residues of all the karmic patterns which we have held onto and have yet to heal. These are the lessons we need to learn in order for our soul to grow. It is from this karmic patterning that we need to free ourselves, if we want to move beyond the perspective of this lifetime and ready ourselves to align with higher energy and work with our own higher spiritual gifts. Our higher soul journey (also called the Ascension Process) is ultimately preparing us to return to the Divine Light or Heaven, all lessons learnt. It also, however, has huge value in itself as a journey, and we have many things to do along the way as part of our soul's purpose here on earth. It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy, and Divine love, enters the body. Via the gateway, divine light and energy filters down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body.

The eighth or soul star chakra meanings relate to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme Divine wisdom and spiritual compassion.

Those who have developed certain spiritual gifts, may utilize the soul star chakra, and gain access to the Akashic records. This access may allow your conscious mind to breach the veil of amnesia, which has prevented you from knowing information about past lives and the lessons learned during them.

It is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. It also is the chakra that holds your karmic residue -- those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime. When the eighth center begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. The individual begins to sense himself or herself as part of a larger community of people. This chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts and abilities. This center enables the individual to achieve out of body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. These abilities and ideas are larger than the self and the earth. They go beyond the mundane and are concerned with healing of the planet and the self in regards to the Universe and ALL-THAT-IS.

This center is the gateway to your Self as it expands past the planet. Thus, this chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It, therefore, becomes the temple of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and worn out. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness and keeps you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas. When this center opens up, you not only begin to take on an awareness to this larger community of energies, but you begin to shed those patterns that have kept you rooted to the planet (karma). This shedding is a natural process, as once this center is awakened, the individual is ready to let go of his/her humanity and grasp onto something larger, much more wonderful, and infinitely divine.

Because of this strong karmic connection, when this center opens, it is not without its duress. How much friction is encountered will depend on what the individual has to let go of. It is said that once you open the door to spirit you are forever changed and can't go back. Well the opening of this chakra and all its goodies is where this saying comes from. Once this chakra opens, you become aware of yourself as part of the universe and not just a part of your small corner of the world. You start to become aware of information on new levels of awareness and intuition. You have to let go of those old outworn human ideas about yourself and the planet, this is the first shock, and how you handle this depends on who you are and how well you take to change.

Also, at the same time that you have to deal with all this new information about yourself and the universe, you have to deal with new psychic abilities. These new abilities and awareness can make you feel alienated and ungrounded from the planet, for a time, until the natural ground in the Foot Chakra opens up and reseats the individual. For this reason, a good Foot Chakra cleansing would be a great way to help a person that is exhibiting the eighth center coming alive.

The eighth chakra does have a color associated to it and it is what you consider to be ultraviolet light. Unfortunately you are unable to see what ultraviolet light looks like (at least not with your conventional vision). However, to give you a way to perceive ultraviolet light in a mundane sense, you could imagine a very deep violet light being interpenetrated with spiraling bands of green in it.

All chakras possess a certain number of vortices. But, the actual number of vortices that the upper chakras possess is a bit of a tricky matter, as they are not as set-in-stone as in the lower chakras. However, I will give you a guide to follow here. The eighth chakra can have anywhere from 6000 to 10,000 spokes. The actual number will depend on how open that chakra is. For example, a barely-functioning eighth chakra will have 6000 of these vortices. A fully open one will have nearly 10,000. The more open the chakra, the faster the chakra spins and the greater number of vortices that will be visible (assuming that you could count these spokes, if you could see them, that is).

The odd numbered twin for the 8th chakra is the 7th. It is in the 7th chakra that the programs to be used by the 8th reside. The 7th center traditionally is the chakra that connects you to your higher self and to divinity. In a sense this is true as the 7th center contains the guide to what you need to do to connect with these higher energies and to evolve yourself. Now, it isn't actually until the 8th chakra begins to open up and become active that the individual can avail himself/herself of these programs and of the ability to ascend. Until then, the programs remain dormant and the individual will sense a kind of connection to the divine through the 7th Chakra, but the reality of it will seem vague at best. This vague quality to divinity is the reason why, when a person finally does open up the 8th center, a true sense of divinity sets in. The reality of what was once a vague notion now becomes a full-blown reality -- often just as real as the physical one. Confusion often follows, because the individual's reality is now much larger. What was fake is now real, and the physical world will seem a bit smaller.


As the last of the chakras directly connected with our human existences, it is thus a key site of cleansing and there is often much work to be done to fully heal and open this chakra. The big traumatic karmic patterns of rejection, abandonment, denial, abuse and betrayal (by others and of the self) leave their traces here. Not only does the experience of those things in this lifetime need healing as the Soul Star chakra opens, but also their karmic roots going back through our many incarnations. Some of this we find we can let go of easily (the issues are easily identified as outworn and irrelevant) but often our experiences are tough and painful. It is not always simple to see what we can learn from such events in our life, when we are still stuck in the patterns.

Also located in our Eighth chakra are the roots of our spiritual gifts and abilities. The more we cleanse of our karmic residue, the more we open up to these skills, and the greater the information we start to receive on a psychic level. All of this aids our understanding ultimately, but it is easy to feel rather disconcerted and confused if our Soul Star chakra does not clear and open up smoothly to the magnificent energies available to us. Often people feel rather lacking in grounding at this point as they awaken to abilities, often as yet in fledgling form, which they never imagined would be theirs. As natural as this is, we can feel isolated if those around us have no comprehension of such things. It is hugely helpful at this point on our soul's higher journey to seek out other people who have gone before us on the spiritual pathway and can reassure us we are not losing our minds and going mad.

As when any other higher chakra is opening, the energies awakened need to be fully integrated within the aura system. A wave-like flowing and balancing upwards and downwards is the ideal. This higher energy can, however, highlight issues in our bodies, emotions and minds that we thought we had resolved. As we grow, these old issues may need to be revisited to make sure they are truly healed on these higher levels. It is worth remembering that issues of mind, body and emotion often require healing on the level of your soul, the level of karmic clearance, to finally resolve them. It is possible to heal this chakra, thus helping it to open up, by oneself. However, due to the nature of trauma healing, it is extremely inadvisable for people to do this on their own. Equally, one should not work on other people's Eighth chakras unless one's own eighth is fully functional. As at all times, complete protection should be asked for to ensure unimpeded healing. Whichever way we choose to deal with such healing and growth, it is very helpful to make sure that we keep ourselves grounded as we seek to align and integrate these unfamiliar energies and gifts. It is thus very often the case that work needs to be done on our Earth Star chakra (sometimes known as Chakra Zero) which sits below our feet in the earth and is our earth-grounding centre. This is the point through which our energies and purpose are brought to earth. If this chakra is functioning well, we will be able to manifest what we are meant to be doing at whatever stage of our soul's journey we find ourselves. When we drop our fear and start to recognise ourselves as souls on a journey back to the Light with a list of things to do along the way whilst we are here on earth, life becomes so much simpler. Wherever you are on your soul's pathway, I wish you joy, growth and peace.

It's tough to spot a problem with the 8th chakra, if that chakra is remaining closed due to some fear, as the individual will otherwise seem healthy, from a physical standpoint. However, if a person is trying to evolve past the human condition, but for some reason cannot, the 8th center is being held closed by some fear. For example, let's say a person desires to learn how to out of body travel, or, perhaps, they want to learn how to have more lucid in dreams, or, maybe, they want to develop the healing gifts. However, no matter how hard this person tries, he or she is unable to accomplish his or her spiritual goal. These are clear signs that the person wants to and is trying to ascend, but the 8th chakra is remaining closed. Anytime an individual reaches to develop some extraordinary ability, an ability that goes beyond themselves or others or puts them into contact with the divine community, it shows that the person is ready to advance and open up these higher centers. If a real fear exists here, the 8th chakra will remain closed, and it may be necessary to go in and pull that fear out, so that the chakra can open up and the ascending individual can expand. A good 8th chakra clearing can be just the thing to help here, especially, if the healer doing the clearing already has several of the spiritual chakra awakened.

Please note that it is not a good idea for a person with a closed 8th chakra to try to open up that center in another individual. If it could be done, there could be adverse effects. Suffice it to say that anyone that has healing abilities, out of body capability, clairvoyance, or even in- depth dream recall, most likely has a functioning 8th chakra and will be able to do work on this chakra. It is possible, however, to open up your own 8th chakra, if it is closed, by using the given mantras. Then, you may be able to open up another person's 8th chakra.

Activating and Healing The Soul Star Chakra

Connect to Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Mariel and Archangel Butyalil with distant symbol HSZSN to activate your Soul Star Chakra. Ask them to transmit their Divine love and blessings upon you, your Higher-Self and your soul. Archangel Butyalil is the Universal Angel who is in control of the cosmic energies. The angels in charge of The Soul Star Chakra are Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Mariel. Meditating and calling upon these three archangels help activate your Soul Star Chakra. Imagine Archangel Butyalil, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Mariel holding an orb with pure white, magenta and violet light, transmitting the Divine rays to your Soul Star Chakra, removing the karmic residues stored there.

Using Crystals

Crystals: Clear quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Snowflake Obsidian, Celestite, Spirit Amethyst, Blue Kyanite and of course many more….

Cleanse and program your crystals to activate your Soul Star Chakra. Meditating holding these crystals may speed up activation of your Soul Star Chakra. You can also put programmed crystals under the pillow or carry these crystals around your auric field.

Now because karma is involved here, any kind of healing that can bring out and clear past life trauma or patterns will help the individual. However, keep in mind that as soon as you do clear away any of these old patterns, the individual will experience an acceleration in spiritual abilities. It would be a good idea, in a week or so, after such a healing, that you follow up with a Foot Chakra clearing, to facilitate the passing of these more intense energies. As this chakra clears the individual will pass much more spiritual energy very quickly and is apt to become overwhelmed easily.

Let's deal with some of the more specifics of this chakra. A good healing mantra to use with this center would be the phrase MA-AH-ZOD. This phrase can help to clear karmic residues out of this center. Focusing or chanting this phrase to yourself while doing a healing, will assist you in pulling the energy down that you need to process the chakra. Another mantra for this chakra is DEE-EE-OH. This mantra helps the chakra to open and become more aware of these new spiritual energies that are passing through it.

Mantras are very important when working with these spiritual energy centers because a mantra will unlock the energy needed to complete a healing on these levels. When you heal these spiritual centers, your lower chakras (zero to seven) become grounding points and are not specifically used to shape or invoke the needed energy. Except, perhaps, the heart chakra and a bit of the crown chakra. The heart chakra can awaken slightly, in this kind of healing, if need be, to transmute any spiritual-negativity (karmic waste) that may leak down in the process. The crown chakra remains slightly active to serve as a portal through which your body-bound consciousness can reach up to these spiritual centers.

Meditate chanting the following affirmations from the book Rainbow Bridge II

I am the Soul I am the Divine Light I am Love I am Will I am Fixed Design

AFFIRMATION 2: I am feeling, thinking and lovingly expressing my vision of divine purpose in a timely manner I am one with the Universal

You can program your crystals with the above affirmations too.

Reiki Way

Call upon Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Mariel to help you activate and open your Soul Star Chakra. Draw HSZSN and connect it to the Soul Star Chakra. Draw DKM above your Crown chakra, where Soul Star Chakra is located. Draw all the symbols on your palms and activate the flow of Reiki. Sit and Relax, placing your palms on your thighs facing up. Let the Reiki flow to Soul Star Chakra with the intention to remove karmic residues, activate and fill with light. You can chat the above affirmation while sending Reiki to the chakra.


Now, when the 8th chakra opens up, so too does some spiritual abilities. How many of these abilities and to what degree will vary from individual to individual. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts, telepathy, even empathy are all abilities that this center is responsible for activating. Naturally, the programming for this stuff sits in the 7th center. So, if there is a problem with any one of these abilities but not the others, then you may have to look at the 7th chakra for the cause. However, keep in mind that when a person's 8th center begins to open, they may only see a glimmer of these abilities. They may not become full blown until the 9th, 10th, 11th, and even the 12th chakras are open. In other words, when the individual's 8th chakra awakens, they will only experience these abilities but not have any great control over them, and their surfacing may be sporadic at best. For example, when the 8th chakra opens a person may start to have out of body travels and be able to even command them. However, advanced out of body travel skills like traveling out of the solar system, travel backward or forward in time past 200 years will not show themselves until the 12th chakra begins to open.

The treatment here is to advise the individual that they are not going crazy, but that latent abilities are just starting to open. Advise them to look at these new gifts as a kind of cool game and to play with them in a very simple manner. Clearing fear out of the 8th chakra can help greatly for the person, if these abilities seem to be causing any great duress.

Also, the 8th chakra holds much karmic residue. The newly ascending individual will have to shed some of this karma, so that the other centers can awaken. Helping the individual to understand that they may be dealing with karmic issues and that these issues should be dealt with can release much tension, fear, or even the karma itself. Again, a good clearing of the 8th chakra will help greatly here, especially if the karma that has to be cleared is very old repaid karma that just is lying around, as is often the case. This karma would naturally clear over time, but that clearing process can be quickened by a professional healer or by doing personal work on the 8th chakra.

Well, that finishes up my little talk on the 8th chakra. Next I'll move into the 9th, and all the fun goodies that this chakra contains.

These higher or spiritual chakras are the links between your personality and your higher self, and when activated, allow you to access to an expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue.

Ideally, your chakras are open, moving energy in and out between your personal energy field and the larger unified field. With proper self-care and maintenance, you can keep your energy flowing and prevent your chakras from becoming blocked by emotional baggage. Journaling, meditation, and working with an energy healer are all good ways to keep these energy centers clear and open, so you can move on to opening the spiritual chakras.

Five main functions

1. Connect to Your Higher Self

Your 8th chakra is the doorway between your immortal soul and your earth-bound personality. When I teach students how to activate their 8th chakra, I teach them an exercise that leads to a meeting with their higher selves. If you’ve done the requisite self-work—through meditation or energy healing or other methods—you should be able to talk to your higher self and ask her the questions you most want answered. Your higher self can give you access to the Akashic records, help you find your true life purpose, and remind you that you are a perfect being made of love and light. Opening your 8th chakra and stepping through the veil that separates your earthly self from your eternal soul will open your eyes to the vast space beyond physical plane boundaries.

2. Clear Your Karmic Residue

Karmic residue sounds pretty gross, and it lives up to its name. It’s the leftover karmic energy that builds-up after lifetimes of clinging to the same patterns. These tired and worn-out routines keep you rooted to this planet. Since your 8th chakra is the gate that leads to the divine, it is the last chakra that holds the human information that is not needed or desired in the expanded universe of an opened 8th chakra. Residual energy sticks around, waiting for you to clear it out once and for all before you move on to connect with your higher self and beyond. Activating your 8th chakra can help you shed those patterns that keep you reincarnating and are not useful any more, release that icky karmic residue, and connect with the greater spiritual universe that starts with your higher self.

3. Uncover Spiritual Gifts

As your connection to the greater spiritual community grows with an activated 8th chakra, your awareness expands, and you may find that you develop new abilities. Perhaps you’ve always been intuitive, but with an open 8th chakra, you’ll discover your powers of intuition increasing. Other latent talents may reveal themselves as you continue to widen your 8th chakra, including astral travel, telepathy, clairvoyance, and even energy healing. At first, these new capabilities may seem overwhelming, but please don’t worry! Your higher self would never bestow these gifts upon you unless you were ready. Taking healing courses or other spiritual workshops, and working with an energy healer or other type of spiritual teacher can help you control, manage, and develop your newfound abilities.

4. Learn Your Soul’s Purpose

The 8th chakra is like the record room for your soul’s contract, which is another way of saying your life purpose. Your soul enters this world with a goal, which has to do with learning lessons in order to evolve. Your soul’s purpose is always clear to your higher self, but may not be as obvious to your personality once it incarnates onto the physical plane. It takes the activation of the 8th chakra to get in touch with your higher self-enough to be let into that record room for a glimpse at your soul contract.

After your 8th chakra is activated and open, don’t be surprised if you begin to feel like you need to shift your focus, especially if you have spent years ignoring your true passion. That nagging voice that tells you to follow your true path is really your higher self-offering guidance, nudging you to get to work on whatever your soul is meant to do while in this body at this time.

5. Experience Divine Love and Spiritual Compassion

When you start to understand that you are truly a soul living temporarily in a physical body rather than a body with a soul, your capacity for deep compassion and divine love begins to blossom. As the 8th chakra expands and this knowledge is fully absorbed, you become more spiritually compassionate because you now know that everyone else is on the same journey. Each soul plays its own important role in the interconnected community we’re all a part of, and by activating your 8th chakra and peeking at that huge spiritual tapestry, you experience true unity, which is followed by unconditional love from the Divine. Once you feel the power of divine love, you will reflect that love in your actions and it will spread like ripples in a pond. Imagine what the world could be like if everyone had golden halos from their open 8th chakras beaming love and compassion. It starts with you.

Tanzanite Stone Pendant

Soul Star Chakra

Other Chakra Stones to Use

Although many of the soul star chakra stones are readily available, some of the stones in the following chart are not as common, and will need to be looked for in specialty crystal shops. Before working with these higher vibration crystals, I always suggest aligning your chakras first, with Kyanite.

Indigo Kyanite

Indigo Kyanite primarily relates to the higher chakras, and is an excellent stone to use at any of the chakras from the third eye up into the transpersonal chakras.

All colors of Kyanite have a strong, powerful vibration, and will bridge any energy gaps.

Before beginning any further development work, ensure you have taken care of this first, by aligning your chakras using Kyanite.

Blue Kyanite is also very powerful for aligning your chakras very quickly.

During your life many of you have had accidents or surgery, and are unaware that these may cause gaps in your energy flow.

Continue to use Kyanite regularly, once you decide to work with the energy of the transpersonal chakras.

This is an important stone to use when doing energy work anywhere in the body, not just spiritual work. It is one stone that never needs cleansing.

Traumas and Addictions: Spiritual challenges: Karma HEALING STRATEGY: with karma being involved here, it brings out and clear past life trauma or patterns. Keep in mind, as soon as these old patterns are clear, an acceleration in spiritual abilities will experienced.

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