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Pink Moon Arising

April's full moon is known as the Pink Moon, however it doesn't take its name from its color, but rather from the pink flowers named wild ground phlox, which bloom in early spring. The April full moon has been given other names, too, including Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon, with most tracing their roots back to Native American culture.

Technically, the full phase — when the moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth as the sun.

April full moons mark festivals and holidays in other parts of the world: in India, Hindus celebrate the birth of Hanuman in a festival called Hanuman Jayanti. The April full moon will also mark the beginning of Passover for the Jewish people. In Arabic-speaking Islamic traditions, the night of the full moon is called badr, for full, but the root of the word also has connotations of health and beauty, says Fadwa El Guindi in "By Noon Prayer: The Rhythm of Islam."

For Christians in England, April was known by the Old English name ēastre-monaþ, or "Easter month." The date of Easter is the first Sunday following the full moon that itself follows the vernal equinox, on March 21. This year Easter falls on April 16, a week after the full moon.

This Full Moon is a time to dust out your past fears, release old identities and clear away harmful emotional entanglements to make way for Libra’s breezy and loving winds of change.

The full moon calendar 2017

The next full moon will be: Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 08:08:07 am Central European Summer Time (CEST) Moon sign: Libra 21° 32'

In other time zones: WELLINGTON = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 06:08:07 pm (NZST) SYDNEY = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 04:08:07 pm (AEST) TOKYO = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 03:08:07 pm (JST) BEIJING = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 02:08:07 pm (CST) BANGKOK = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 01:08:07 pm (ICT) DELHI = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 11:38:07 am (IST) DUBAI = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 10:08:07 am (GST) MOSCOW = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 09:08:07 am (MSK) BERLIN = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 08:08:07 am (MESZ) LAGOS = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 07:08:07 am (WAT) LONDON = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 07:08:07 am (BST) RIO = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 03:08:07 am (BRT) SANTIAGO = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 03:08:07 am (CLST) NEW YORK = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 02:08:07 am (EDT) MEXICO CITY = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 01:08:07 am (CDT) CALGARY = Tuesday * 11th April 2017 * 12:08:07 am (MDT) LOS ANGELES = Monday * 10th April 2017 * 11:08:07 pm (PDT) ANCHORAGE = Monday * 10th April 2017 * 10:08:07 pm (AKDT) HONOLULU = Monday * 10th April 2017 * 08:08:07 pm (HAST

The moon will reach its fullest point at 2:08 a.m. EST (1:08 a.m. CST). It will appear full from April 10 -12.

Full moon names

Native Americans gave names to the full moons in relation to the seasons.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the names included:

January - Full Wolf Moon, named for howling wolves

February - Full Snow Moon, named for the time that usually brought in the heaviest snows of the year. Also called Full Hunger Moon.

March - Full Worm Moon, named for the softening of the ground and the reappearance of worms, which brought back birds.

April - Full pink moon, named for reappearance of some of the first spring flowers

May - Full flower moon, named for the abundance of spring flowers. Also known as Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

June - Strawberry moon, also known as Rose Moon or Hot Moon. Named for strawberry gathering season.

July - Full Buck Moon, named for the time that bucks begin to grow new antlers. Also known as Thunder Moon.

August - Full Sturgeon Moon, Great Lakes tribes used this name in recognition of the time to catch sturgeon.

September - Full Corn Moon, named for the time to harvest corn.

October - Full Hunter's Moon, named for the time the leaves are falling and game is fattening. Also known as Travel Moon and Dying Moon.

November - Full Beaver Moon, named for the time to set beaver traps before water froze. Also called Front Moon.

December - Full Cold Moon, named for the time winter's coldest temperatures. Also called the Long Nights Moon by some tribes.

What Do Full Moons Symbolise?

Get ready to freshen up and purify your life – rebirth is just around the corner! Using the symbols of Spring, rebirth, freshness and purification, this Full Moon is time to dust out the corners of your life and make way for more breezy and loving winds of change.

What Effect Will the Pink Full Moon Have on Me?

I think you are in for a treat as there are many exciting things in the sky. Some astrologers have called this April Full Moon “Lady Luck” as she’s near Jupiter, so unexpected good fortune might come your way. There is something to always consider when you’re looking at a Full Moon – you shall reap what you sow.

This means that if you have been working hard and laying down good foundations, you will be successful. A positive way to look at this is that we still have two weeks to go, so there is time to do some clean-up work in your life – if that’s what you have to do.

Creative Visualisation

Imagine your life like an empty prairie. As far as the eye can see, there is just blankness, plainness, nothingness. Now imagine a sweet, warm breeze blowing over your life. Enjoy the breeze, feel it kissing your skin.

Now as you turn around in your mind’s eye, imagine the empty prairie filling up with beautiful pink, fragrant flowers. One by one they pop up, until they stretch as far as the eye can see. Imagine the flowers reaching up towards the moon, asking, “When is it my time to grow?”

Three days afterward the full moon are days to assimilate and begin to put into action any intuitive knowingness you received. If it is your time to move, to activate another aspect of your astrological chart, you could very well receive just where during this full moon time.

When we are in perfect condition and glowing health, we are “in the pink.” When we are flushed with pleasure or embarrassed, we get pink in the cheek. When we are deliriously happy, we are “tickled pink.” We toast with pink champagne. And dance with pink elephants.

Association with the Pink moon

Colors: Bright primary colors -- red, yellow, blue -- and their combinations Gemstones: Quartz, selenite, angelite Trees: Hazel, forsythia, lilac, willow Gods: Ishtar, Tawaret, Venus, Herne, Cernunnos Herbs: Dandelion, milkweed, dogwood, fennel, dill Element: Air

This is a good time to work on issues related to new beginnings. Looking to bring new love into your life, or conceive or adopt a child? This is the time to do those workings. It's the time to stop planning, and start doing. Take all those ideas you've had brewing for the past couple of months, and make them come to fruition.

In the weeks leading up to Beltane, do this planting ritual to get new things growing in your garden and in your life as a whole. The very act of planting, of beginning new life from seed, is a ritual and a magical act in itself. To cultivate something in the black soil, see it sprout and then bloom, is to watch a magical working unfold before our very eyes. The plant cycle is intrinsically tied to so many earth-based belief systems that it should come as no surprise that the garden is a magical place in the spring.

The Magic of Wind

Because April's moon is associated with the winds - for obvious reasons - now is a good time to explore the winds that blow from each of the cardinal directions. For instance, the North Wind is associated with cold, destruction, and change - and not always the good kind of change. If you've got some bad stuff looming on the horizon, now's the time to work through it. Do this not just by changing yourself, but also the way you respond to other people and to events that are taking place in your life.

The South Wind, in contrast, is connected to warmth and the element of fire, which in turn is associated with passion and power. Fire is a destroyer, but it also creates, so if there is a passion that you've lost in your life - whether it's romantic or something else - work on doing what you need to do to rebuild it.

The winds of the East are often associated with new beginnings; in particular, focus on new careers, education, or other aspects of your life that are related to communication and your intellect. Finally, the West Wind is tied to the cleansing and healing powers of water, so if you need to get rid of things that are causing you heartache or pain, let the wind blow them right out of your life.

Full Moon Release Ritual

Items you'll need:

Floating candles A large bowl Water Matches A pen

Create sacred space with candles, sage smudging, and setting up altars with powerful totems. For some rituals, I'll use an owl's wing that a friend gave me, to represent wisdom. If possible, stand or sit under the Moon. Allow yourself to feel a direct relationship to it, as a mover of the living waters of the Earth and within our own bodies.

Do a grounding exercise, to bring you out of the chatter of small talk and into ritual space. Feel the earth under your feet and shake out the tension in the body.

Place the large water-filled bowl in front of you, or in the middle of your gathering on a table. Each person writes what they're releasing on the floating candle. It's not important that it shows up, just that the intention is there.

As you place the candle into the bowl, declare what you're releasing.

Light the candle. • Allow yourself to feel the transfer of what you're releasing to the candle. As a group focus on letting go into the water, holding hands if that feels right.

Celebrate this release by sharing a feast under the full Moon! Allow the candle to keep burning in the bowl as a symbol of the letting go process.

The flame is a purifier, and symbolizes the sparks of inspiration as well. If you blow out your floating candle, and your bowl is in your home, relighting it will remind you of your commitment. Place inspiring pictures and totems around it that remind you of who you're becoming.

Above all, give yourself kudos for honoring your own growth.

"The world is a projection of your mind. Good mind, good world. Bad mind, bad world. No mind, no world." — Swami Parthasarathy

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