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Full Moon in Scorpio: May 10, 2017 – Intense and in your Face

The full moon in Scorpio takes place midday on May 10th at twenty degrees. She will trine Chiron in Pisces and enjoy support from Scorpio co-ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. She takes no hard aspects at all.

Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle, as this is when the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon and marks the beginning of the following 2 weeks when the light starts to go away, which is known as the “waning phase.” Symbolically, because this is when the light begins to recede, this represents a time of “release.” Full Moons are generally the most intense time of the Moon cycle and are also a very lively time.

The events and circumstances that occur in our lives around the Full Moon usually challenge us. The Sun and Moon are opposite each other, so whatever signs they are in will most strongly influence the themes. Just like the New Moon, you can also have intentions for the Full Moon. The only difference is that for this phase your intentions should be associated with some sort of release, but only if need be. If you have been feeling that there is something to let go of, then use this period for the most powerful effect. You can also use Full Moons to begin a cleanse or detox. Sometimes the events and circumstances that happen to us around the Full Moon will create an awareness within ourselves that we need to change or let go of something. However, this is not always the case. Some Full Moon circumstances might just help you bring something to your awareness to help you make better choices.

This full Moon, promises subtle change, with shifts possibly rooted in the ways we refuse to see our ‘blind spot’, or in ways we reject our own deep, whispered inner knowledge. What we ‘know’ we one way or another deny or turn away from, and this creates a tension in relationships, values, finances, or other assets or anticipated rewards that makes for that change, slip, shift. This culmination offers illumination, of the kind that a mirror offers: we see reflected back to us, in our surroundings and in events, just what it is that we have created by refusing or denying something we should’ve listened to or dealt with. We had a chance to harness the power within it, but we may not have believed it held any worth–or perhaps we believed that we needed to have our own power first, and the opportunity went by.

Certain areas of life have been overly stressful since last July/August. These have been like growing pains in the intense vision for change to arrive at a new chapter. Operating in stealth mode has been in your best interest for making progress.

Recognizing those hints from the Universe and learning to trust in them, will help to guide you closer toward your goals. Carefully weigh your choices for happiness and know that karma, however it is deserved, is about to be served up in a big way. This Full Moon in Scorpio shall prompt you to ferret out the truth, as you seek to find your way out into the daylight and emerge from the proverbial tunnel.

Others will rejoice with you, and for you, regarding your victories and achievements; however, maintaining a win-at-all-costs attitude can be detrimental to your path in ways you may not yet see. Take these next two weeks to gradually move forward and emerge from the fog. By the time the Sun has entered Gemini on the 20th, you are beginning to set your sights on your next destination, and it is one which represents change and freedom from the nonsense. When the New Moon in Gemini arrives on the 25th, you will be clear as to what it is you need to manifest for this next part of your journey.

Remember that Scorpio represents the hidden, what we do not show easily, repressed emotions, difficult memories and even our deepest fears. In the tarot, it is no coincidence that this sign is linked to the unnamed arcane, who helps us to transmute our energies, thus generating profound changes in our lives. On the other hand, the moon is the energy of our mother and our own maternal vibration. In turn it works on deep and hidden emotions. As you can see, these two energies come together to give us an unstoppable pair. The full moon and Scorpio sign will make us swim into the deep and discover what emotions and aspects we hide in the depths of our sentimental ocean.

Consequences of the full moon in Scorpio

The union between Scorpio and the full moon makes all our feelings become intense. The problem that you should avoid is to keep these emotions or try to avoid feeling what they generate. It is a moment that you have to take advantage of to look in without excuses. Keep in mind that the quadrature remains in the astral plane. This cardinal square generates a “T” composed by Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which represent an explosion of energy and creative impulse. It is important to keep in mind that as your emotions are in full bloom, you must be careful with your reactions. On this day, consider that any appearance of jealousy, obsessions or envy should be appeased. This is your opportunity to be aware of your emotions (both positive and negative emotions) in order to recognize how you are, how you feel about yourself and others. My advice to all the signs on this date is that they can stand aside and take advantage of this moment to realize that emotional introspection that they needed so much.

Full moon ritual n Scorpio

Before the ritual

The potency of any ritual is intimately tied to the way in which you enter it. Initiates of the ancient mystery schools would perform detailed rites of purification before their rituals, including fasting, baths, anointing with the proper oils, dressing in the proper garments, and making prostrations or circumambulations as offerings. Your preparation doesn't need to be so elaborate, just sincere. Take a moment to cleanse yourself of distracting thoughts. Become aware of your body in time and space. Tune into your heart. With humility and honesty, offer yourself. Offer your time. Offer your attention. To the Moon and all that she holds.

What better time than this to cleanse and purify our energies! As much as you believe that this appearance of so many emotions can be negative, you will have to take this crisis as an opportunity. There is no better way to take advantage of this moment, than purifying everything we have been keeping.

It is a good time to light a candle in order to heal our body and spirit and to use eucalyptus incense. Eucalyptus helps us center and balance emotions. . The candles can be colored, gold, orange or yellow, as the candles of these colors are the ones that will help you with communication and understanding. This way you can focus on the best way to communicate what is happening to you emotionally and at the same time to understand others. It is important that you wipe the candle with a white cloth and place coarse salt around it. In this way we prevent any negative energy from being part of your spell.

In addition to lighting incense and the corresponding candles it is important to observe the full moon and ask for us. Remember that the energy that you send to the universe is what helps transform the reality in which you live. So we can say: “With this magical moon, my soul is blessed. Pain disappears and give me clarity. So my energy will be purified. And so it shall be. “

Things You Can Do for This Full Moon

If you feel that there is something that you need to release from your life, set that intention after the Moon starts to wane, up to 24 hours after 3:42am (Universal Time). If you are health enthusiast, anytime during the 3.5 days following the Full Moon is a good time to start a cleanse or detox. Scorpio rules the bowels and excretory system, and spring time in the Northern Hemisphere is also great for cleansing as well. Any type of cleanse or detox that helps you to release toxins and waste accumulated from food would work best. Colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and other colon cleanses would also be good. If you are in a relationship, you might want to communicate anything regarding your intimacy with each other to help you grow, transform, and expand in your love and sexuality.

Ground your body, clear your mind…

Become aware of your body. Notice how gravity holds and connects you to earth. It’s as though your body is an ancient stone temple—solid, strong, secure. Sanctify this temple. Imagine a priestess is pouring sacred water and scattering rose petals, all the way down, from your head to your toes. Any anxiety or negativity washes away. Notice the thoughts and feelings leaving the temple—your judgments, your distracted mind, your worried heart. Be sure to honor them. Give each a smile and a piece of cake as it departs.

Draw a circle of protection, call in blessings…

Visualize a ring of fragrant flowers surrounding you, protecting you. Know that you are safe and relaxed. Breathe deeply. Feel the power of the Sun and Moon pouring into your circle. The energy of Scorpio is gathering in your circle. It is focused, probing and intense. Scorpio treads into territory that makes other signs squirm—like death, sexuality, and money. Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto, god of the underworld, lord of all the riches below ground, the jewels, the minerals, the oil. When we look underneath the surface of life, particularly into our own psychological depths, we likewise find great wealth. Scorpio asks us to confront our fears and hidden complexes. Making changes in this dark and shadowy territory increases our power in the outer world. Avoid this work and Scorpio loses its center, becoming vengeful, judgmental, and controlling—trying to grab its power illicitly, by stealing it from outer sources. Better to fearlessly confront the inner obstacles. Do this to release your passion, unlock your treasure chest of jewels. Remember that any Scorpio death is always followed by a blazing rebirth. Feel the unflinching strength of this sign as you read Scorpio’s affirmations.

  • I am focused.

  • Death is beautiful. I am fearless in the face of change.

  • I am a vibrant snake shedding old skin.

  • My sexuality is passionate and divine.

  • I am strongest when I’m vulnerable.

  • I weed out, clean out, throw out, everything I’ve outgrown.

  • Jealousy means I haven’t dreamed big enough for myself.

  • When I surrender, greater powers always come to my aid.

Allow seed intentions to form…

Your intentions for this cycle are gathering. You may already know what you wish to accomplish. Or you may not. Trust that all will unfold perfectly in time. Know that this brief ritual has aligned you with spirit. Now ask your heart if it has a closing message for you. This may come in words or as a picture, perhaps as a body sensation or sound. Give yourself time to receive this message. Digest it. Write it down. Then, in gratitude to yourself and spirit, return to normal awareness. Place a symbol of your Scorpio New Moon message on your altar.

How the Scorpio Full Moon will interact with your Zodiac Sign


You are the magnet of the zodiac right now with amorous Venus in Aries. You may finally be receiving a long awaited settlement and if not, you are well positioned with stabilizing Saturn to firmly request what is due. This full Moon has the power to help bring in the harvest for you – financially speaking.


Keep your eyes and ears open. Love can be unpredictable though revealing these days as your planetary ruler Venus gets into cahoots with Uranus. This Full Moon will bring in full disclosure. Perhaps an admirer will make themselves known or you may discover exactly what you need to know about an existing partnership.


A Full Moon in Scorpio will draw your attention to one thing that you can eliminate from your diet and lifestyle. Don't overthink it – you likely know what this is. Patterns are hard to change, though if there is one time that is best to end a habit, it would be a Full Moon in your health sector and likely there will be no going back.


Work load has been intense with taskmaster Saturn and action Mars creating a sense of urgency with everything these days – perhaps late nights at the desk. This Full Moon will deliver a surprise, illuminating your sector of romance —urging you to peer up from your tasks. If you have been working late on a side project for some time, perhaps it is finally time to celebrate achievements. Romance and festivity will surround you.


Your home will be lit up with this Full Moon as it calls attention to that one thing that must be eliminated – perhaps a tenant, a leak, or closet full of vintage coats that will soon overflow. You will do best to carve the time out this weekend to fully address the matter around your home that has now reached the point of being 'not acceptable'. Letting go will be made easy with the Full Moon in Scorpio.


Keep your schedule open as your phone and email will overflow with Full Moon invitations, contracts and information that all needs a bit of TLC. You will do best to carve out the time to thoroughly sift through all messages and business cards now. As you do so, a key partnership will emerge from the follow-up.


The Full Moon highlights a source of income that you are now ready to reassess, perhaps under a healthy dose of scrutiny. You may decide to create more time for what truly gives you joy – your passion. Though it seems you will need to loosen the grip in one area in order to create space for another to develop. Trust the process here as Scorpio teaches us the lessons of death and rebirth.


The spotlight is now on you with a Full Moon in Scorpio. You may not naturally gravitate towards the light, though this spotlight points to attention that is due for a creative project you may have completed. The lesson here is to learn to accept praise and receive. You have earned it. Celebrate and honor your achievements.


You are plotting ahead with such focus determination as Mars and Saturn march with a clear mission through Sagittarius. However, a Scorpio Full Moon will point to hidden information where you may need to do a bit of digging to get all of the facts straight about a financial matter. It will be worth the time and research to make any corrections.


A gala, or networking occasion will be not-to-miss as you seem to be on top of your social game this week and poised for next day follow-up. You will do well to connect to people from different backgrounds than yourself as Jupiter delivers luck to all international business and especially contacts in publishing and media.


Recognition from a VIP will travel with this Full Moon putting you in the career spot-light. While all eyes are on you and your accomplishments, it seems to be a time to ask for a promotion, tenure or perhaps even move to an entirely new sector that has peaked your interest. Recognize your talent and fully go there.


The Full Moon on April 22 will bring an opportunity for you to share your voice with an entirely new group of people. Perhaps there is an event you will attend on foreign shores, or you will be able to share through a podcast, blog or speaking engagement. Since the Full Moon is in a fellow 'water sign', there will be a sense of ease and you can trust the unfolding of events here.

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