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The Angles are calling

April is Angle month so here is how to ask for help.

4 Steps for Calling In Angelic Guidance:

1. Ask For Divine Guidance You are raising your vibration by leaps and bounds. As you grow beyond your comfort levels, your fears will inevitably come up. If your intuition is guiding you into unknown terrain, it can be confusing to know which steps to take. Ask your angels for clear signs on your path. Then pay attention to your dreams, synchronicities, and of course, messages from your heart. Your angels will guide you every step of the way. When you listen to the messages from your angels, you will be divinely guided toward your destiny.

2. Let Go & Let Love In When you are frightened, confused or afraid, it can feel challenging asking for help. If you don’t have an outlet for your fears, you can have many restless nights and an unclear vision about your future. Whenever you feel uneasy or scared, call upon your angels to assist you. They can free you from fears and raise your frequency to the vibration of love. Simply say, “Dear angels, I ask you to free me from fears, worry and concern so I can experience love, peace, and harmony for good. Thank you!”

3. Wrap Yourself in Love Everyone needs love, so why not receive a hug from your angels? Angels hold the purest vibration of love and can lift your spirits with their presence. Call upon your guardian angels for comfort and they will wrap you in their gentle wings of love. When you open yourself to the blissful loving energy of the angels, you will immediately feel lighter and at peace.

4. Trust in The Divine When you ask for help from your angels, trust they are there for you watching over you. They are with you every step of the way. Your requests are always heard. Whatever you ask for will be responded to by the Universe. If you give your troubles to the angels, and ask for their loving support, you will receive it. It is Universal Law! As you live in trust and harmony with the Universe, you can experience more peace in your heart and mind. You are a divine being of light. Your angels are here to help you create heaven on earth. You deserve it because YOU are an earth angel. Just ask and they will rush to your side and lift you up with love.

My next blog will go back to numerology so stay tuned and call on your angels

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