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Making The Connection

Today I want to discuss the various barriers to connecting to your higher power/source and those beyond the veil. I will start with the strongest issue, which is being “CAPPED” or cut off. Some years ago, I became frustrated because my normal ability to connect to spirit just vanished and all sorts of bad things began to happen to me. It seemed that everything I said was interpreted by others as an attack. I was treated poorly by most people and I kept losing my, job, my money and my relationships. It felt like people saw someone else than who I really was. After years of suffering this horrible situation, I happened upon two different psychic people who without prompting informed me that I had been capped and that a witch was attached to me. As you can imagine, I thought a lot about this and came to realize that on two separate occasions I had two people in my past who were using evil Wicca. They had cast revenge spells on me, at different times, one to cap my psychic abilities and the other attaching the witch.

Both these spells were very difficult to remove. I remember when the witch was attached. One night I awoke from sleep and saw a witch at the foot of my bed and she was trying to enter my body. I told her to go away and she began cursing me and then disappeared. I could not get back to sleep and I thought I had successfully gotten rid of her. That was not the case and things in my life quickly began to fall apart. I am unsure of the exact event that I was capped but I remember that no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear my guides nor connect to source.

I have spent years and many processes to remove both curses and to regain my abilities. Now I regularly call upon Archangel Michael to use his sword to sever any curses, bonds, entities, and energies that are not serving my highest good.

I also use the following incantation as a general defence against demons and evil spirits. Not all demons will be defeated with this, but even when the spell is not sufficient to overcome the spirit, it can still hurt them enough to keep them at bay.

If spirits threaten me in this place, Fight Water by Water and Fire by Fire,

Banish their souls into nothingness and remove their powers until the last trace.

Let these evil beings flee, Through time and space.

Of course, there are less dire barriers and I will now talk about those. Even though you may be completely ready to connect with Spirit or Source, there may be a few things holding you back to fully awakening or connecting with someone special on the Other Side. I remember having a discussion with one of the authors of “The Secret” who felt very frustrated that he was unable to experience connection to spirit. I told him that two of the greatest barriers were fear and doubt. That perhaps he was just unwilling to recognize the signs and that very night he had some interesting experiences that kept him awake.

So, let’s get started with the most common Barriers.

1. Belief in Yourself

Like my friend I mentioned above, this barrier of belief is the belief in yourself that you can connect. Many people have grown up believing that only special people (with the gift) or those chosen, or those who are worthy, can connect with those on the other side, or get clear messages from GOD/Source.

In fact, we all are worthy of and have the ability to receive guidance from the Spiritual realms. Unless you are “capped”, you are likely already receiving guidance and messages from Source or/and the Other Side without even being aware of it! Have you ever suddenly offered a friend the most profound wisdom you’ve ever heard, only to shortly after forget completely what you said or where it even came from? Ever just KNEW for a fact that something was not the right thing to do or not in your best interest, but didn’t know why? Ever had a feeling about someone that you couldn’t explain? Have you escaped a dangerous situation, with no explanation as to WHY? I remember walking home late one night when I was a teenager and thought I hear bells tinkling but couldn’t see anyone. I ran across the street and all the way home. Another time I was going to cut thought a yard to the back alley to my house but heard that tinkling again and decided to take the long way home. Later I learned that a serial rapist was hanging around our area.

In these occasions mentioned above, and so many other times, we were accessing information from the realm of Spirit. This includes guides, angels, and your loved ones who are helping us without our knowledge every day.

Having the belief that you are unable to access the divine or that connecting directly to Spirit is something that you don’t have the ability to do, can block you from connecting (it actually slams a door right over your crown chakra - where guidance flows in!).

We are all given the ability of mediumship but have forgotten of taught that we don’t. The first step is believing that you are worthy of connecting and that this is an attainable reality for you.

Suggested affirmation: “I am worthy and capable of receiving Divine guidance”

2. Doubt and Denial

These two barriers are paired together, as doubt is often followed by denial.

Doubt is the inability to trust and skepticism that what you experience can be trusted. Like my friend, it is imperative that you have trust in yourself to connect with Spirit. Although not always, Spirit often connects with you when there is no one else around that can verify your experience! Solo experience occurs more frequently because we are more alert and aware when we are alone. We pay attention to our surroundings more. Our attentions are more easily caught.

Start to pay attention to those times when you have been woken up at night and sense a presence and don’t just shake it off and go back to sleep, explore it. Next time you hear noises, footsteps, or whispering in another room don’t convinced yourself you didn’t or make excuses, note it and keep track. When you know you have placed something somewhere, and now it’s not there, don’t just think it is because you are just being forgetful. Take note if you keep hearing your deceased loved one's favorite song on the radio, or keep seeing their favorite bird, they are not coincidences!

While some of us will simply doubt the truth of what is occurring here, others will go further and deny that it even happened at all! Deny that the experience was unique or meaningful at all. More so, you may have come up with a very "reasonable" explanation for your experience. Either way, when you experience something unexplainable - it deserves and warrants fair attention.

If like myself, you were taught that these things aren’t “normal", that having a 'paranormal' experience is 'weird' and sharing it with others caused those people to look at you funny, resist it. Being taught that normal people don’t have these experiences, we can go out of our way to prevent feeling or being perceived as weird. So, we deny it exists or happened at all. There are thousands of accounts of individual people, just like you, having unexplainable, spiritual experiences- worldwide! In fact, these 'odd' things, when collectively examined, suddenly begin to seem not so odd anymore.

When I do reading for others, the more common subject brought up by people’s deceased loved ones, angels, and guides on the other side is that they have been trying to get their attention - but that their attempts have gone unnoticed or ignored - due to doubt, and then denial. So, your loved ones ask that you not only pay a little bit more attention to your surroundings - the things you sense and the noises that you hear - trust and believe that it happened! While discounting your experiences is not preventing them from attempting to reach you - it is a barrier to realizing and accepting what already IS.

To remove this barrier - the change you can make is simply this: Trust yourself and your experiences. You don’t have to explain it to anyone or come up with a reasonable story. You are the only one who can validate your experiences as real. You are entitled to having a magical, unique and ‘unexplainable’ experience in your connection to Spirit!

3. Fear of it

Another barrier to connecting with source or a loved one on the other side is fear.

The Spirit World and those that live there - including the deceased are rarely portrayed positively in media. On television shows, movies, radio, and many books or magazines - the act of contacting spirits is depicted as possibly evil, tricky, or 'no good' in some way or another. You might think that being visited by someone who is ‘on the other side’ is haunting, creepy, or sinister. Maybe you associate all things ‘spirity’ as related to spooky cemeteries, werewolves, or possession. Perhaps you fear being physically hurt - scratched, pushed, or poked - or perhaps you fear that whoever visits you from the other side, may never leave once they are 'welcomed in'! After all, if you've ever watched a ghost show on cable television - no matter what you encounter in the spiritual world - it's most certainly lost, angry, confused, haunting somewhere, taunting humans, being malicious, preying on someone's vulnerability. In most cases, it's not perceived as a positive experience.

Although those lower entities do exist, the most important truth is that Spirit is energy and like attracts like. If you have a positive, loving energy about you, and have no interest in connecting with these beings - those things will have not much interest in you or your life. The spirit world is a safe place for you. In fact, it's likely your loved ones on the Other Side are protecting you from anything harmful - and if you are worried about that - simply ask for protection from it! As mentioned above, when I feared “evil" interacting with me, I asked Archangel Michael to protect me, but you can also ask a deceased loved one who would have protected you on the earth plain like a parent.

I was pestered so much at night that I had to set boundaries saying that when I sleep leave me alone, but you are welcome to visit during the day. like this too.

The best way to get rid of the barrier of fear, is to remind yourself that it is safe for you to interact with those in Spirit. Most of those who want to develop a connection with you are Spirit Guides, Angels, and your Deceased Loved ones. Every time you feel frightened, nervous, or wary - simply remind yourself that you are safe, protected, and surrounded by love. Here is an affirmation:

"It is safe for me to see. I am divinely protected secure, and loved, welcoming only those into my life who are loving, compassionate, and kind to my space".

4. Processing Grief and Pain Energy

If you’ve recently lost someone that you’ve loved, or if you are going through a very difficult time, you likely feel very heavy - in pain, grief, or just energetically overall. This is an essential time for you to process your emotions and allow yourself to fully experience, feel, and heal from this period of your life.

Spirits have described their energy as fast, high, and energetically powerful and strong. To connect with us in physical bodies, they must slow down their energy, for us to sense and connect with them. The opposite is also true, we must raise our vibration or awareness to feel and connect with them.

Lowering their energetic vibration to this level is difficult - as is raising our energy to a higher state. Higher vibrational energies for us - can be expressed by feeling immense gratitude, joy, love, and compassion.

When you are feeling the opposite of these high frequency emotions, such as anger, grief or sadness, those in Spirit will hold back, and allow you to have this space, often moving out of your energy space. While your loved one, guides, and Angels, are still there for you - you may not be able to sense their presence until you recover. The energy to are experiencing of heavy, low, sadness, pain and grief is too ‘slow’ in vibration, and it’s very difficult for them to slow down their energetic state and connect with you, as it is hard for you to raise yourself to joy and happiness. Deceased loved ones have described grief as like an impossibly thick cloud - and they just can’t get through until the storm passes!

The suggestion for removing this barrier is: give yourself time to experience the emotions. There is no encouragement to ‘speed up’ your grieving process, as you may miss profound and essential steps in your healing. Take your time. And know that on the Other Side of your healing, your loved ones will be waiting anxiously to connect with you again!

Remember no other person has the right to tell you when to get over something, go at your own pace!

5 . Have Reasonable Expectations

While there are a variety of signs that are common to those in Spirit, many of which you can ask for, these signs are a technique your deceased loved ones need to learn! Moving an object, making a physical object, or manifesting a bird - all takes an incredible amount of energy (and practice!). While your loved ones have heard your requests - it’s possible they have no idea how to manifest what you have asked for! In fact, the most common method your loved ones on the other side connect with you is through sensing your presence. If you are looking to connect with Angels or Spirit Guides, try a deck of oracle cards, or a pendulum. Spirit Guides and Angels enjoy connecting with you by using your ‘inner voice’, ‘intuitive cues’, or lining up synchronistic events.

To remove this barrier, you may have to alter your expectations on what and how those in Spirit can connect with you - not everyone can drop a painting off a wall or move a penny across a table! Manifesting a physical noise is much harder than speaking to you through thought energy (remember, those in Spirit don’t have voice boxes!).

6. Find the Right Time

Those in Spirit want to make the most of their attempts to contact you. It takes an incredible amount of energy and effort on their part to get through and get your attention - thus, they want to reach out when they know it really could be possible to reach you!

Deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels are often manifesting outcomes and positive situations without your knowing (they have your best interests at heart), but to connect with you one on one - they prefer for it to be just like that - one on one!

Remember that, when you are alone, your attention is more easily captured then when you are out socializing! When your mind is clear, you are more easily reached and influenced. When are we alone with more clarity of mind? In the night time, when we are sleeping, or in the early morning. These are times when we would have their attention - because we are less distracted by anyone else.

When you quiet your mind by meditation or music you are more open to hear or sense your guides. Remember each of us may differ in the best way to actualize our connection. Some of us our more visual, so we see it, some hear it or sense it etc.

If you give those in Spirit other times of day, where you have clarity of mind and attentiveness, such as a meditation practice or an active dream life - this will improve your ‘contact ability’!

Additionally, if you have feeling heavy emotions such as grief or pain, it may not be the ‘right time’ for a Spirit to connect with you - as a profound experience such as this may be too hard to deal with or disruptive to your emotions and healing. Seeking to connect with a loved one right after their passing? Give it time and give yourself time to heal.

To connect with Spirit, make sure it is the right time for you to make the connection - are you attentive, with a clear mind, and of sound emotion? This is the right time. The more you cultivate quietness of mind and awareness (meditation, long walks, or any personal ‘time out’), the more opportunities you create for Spirit to get through to you.

If you've identified with one of these barriers - don't worry! We each have one that resonates more strongly and more prominently than any other. To develop your connection to your Spirit Guides, Angels, or Deceased Loved Ones on the other side, working with releasing this barrier will help you open up and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

Take it one day at a time and be patient with yourself.

Practicing non-judgement is most important when it comes to your development ~ as the gentler and compassionate you are on yourself in sensing Spirit, the easier the information will flow in.

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