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Eclipse and Cancer Spin Their Energy

Big celestial events arrive on January 10, 2020. We have a raging tempest of emotions under a Full Moon in Cancer and an exact opposite Mercury Lunar Eclipse. Look out for the resulting super strong grand stellium in Capricorn being activated.

So, lets dive in and explore how all the celestial events in this time period will affect you and how to navigate through them.

Let us begin with the Full Moon

This will be a re-cap for my clients, but it is always good to be reminded.

During a Full Moon the energy intensifies and therefore we can experience heightened energy, activity, and emotions. The power of Full Moon energy lasts for about a week: more specifically, three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after. My clients often decry that they missed the day, but you have the three days following it to create and perform a personal ritual or a group gathering.

The linking of mood changes and the moon have existed through-out historical times but more recently it has been documented in science. These studies have found links between the lunar cycle and the number of psychiatric emergencies .murders and other violence.

Humankind's history illustrate a deep and ancient connection to the moon. Full moons were times of social celebration and activity and the darkness of the new moon, were times for reflection and family time.

The fact that the moon effects the Earth tides and the human body is made of about 60% water, we too can be affected. A Full Moon tends to bring our emotions to the surface and a New Moon calms us and makes us pull in. When it's a new moon, it's time to be calmer and more reflective.

There are many ways in which the moon affects you, such as:

Full Moons

As mentioned above a Full Moon can make You more prone to violent behavior, affect your sleep creating a lack of adequate, restful sleep which impacts your behavior." A 2013 study published in the journal Current Biology found that sleep can be significantly affected by lunar phases. Participants in the study experienced sleep disruptions and spent less time in the deepest phase of sleep during a full moon. They also slept less and reported to having the lowest quality of sleep during these times.

Full Moons can make you anxious, manic, and emotional, due to its intense energy. They can also intensify your dreams or nightmares, which can leave you feeling more anxious.
Full Moons can create quickly shifting mood swings. Poets have been known to call the full moon a lover’s moon. Some evidence shows that people dating or in relationships, during a full moon, may feel more romantic and drawn to their partners but its energy can also make such feelings short lived. The increased energy can make you more emotional, and a trivial argument can escalate into a bigger deal than it should be.

New Moons

Make You Feel More Introspective due to the decreased light and energy, which makes us tired and to seek out self-reflective quiet time.
The First Half of The Lunar Cycle
Tends to make you feel more motivated than usual as the moon grows in the first half of its cycle, you may notice an increase in energy and motivation. It is during this growth, or waxing phase, that people will intuitively start new projects, act, and refine.
Waning Moon
Can may encourage a need to slow down, energetically, it's a good time to think about what to let go of in your life, or what's coming to a end.


The moon is a goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone as the waxing, full and waning moons. It is also a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity, such as intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom. The Maiden, symbolized by the waxing moon, represents purity, youthfulness and enchantment.

The full moons strong make it a potent time to cast off spiritual completion and harvest. They're equivalent to a cosmic culmination from the heavens and the lunar theme depends on the sign it occupies. Remember to wash your crystals in water and then set them out to absorb the energy and light of the moon.

Now it’s time to discuss a Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer

Eleven days into the New Year, the Moon reaches the height of the lunar cycle, peaking in ‘Cancer’. It will be two thirds through the zodiac sign, at exactly 20º00’, and is a very special first Full Moon of 2020.

It’s Capricorn Season, with a stellium of planets in this zodiac sign governed by Saturn, including Saturn himself, Pluto (sitting with Saturn, both at 22º), the Sun accompanied by Mercury (both at 20º), and Jupiter with the South Node (both at 8º).

Under the influence of the Cancer Moon you are likely to feel more sensitive and more vulnerable. In order to protect yourself you’ll have the urge to put up stronger walls between you and others. This hiding behind a wall will help you feel safe. So, during the Moon in Cancer transit, you’ll feel more protective not only over yourself, but also those you love.

You’ll feel a stronger urge to nurture and care for everyone as if everyone was one of your children. under the Cancer sign. Domestic matters will feel more important and you will find yourself wanting to be at home surrounded by your loved ones. This is a great time to invite people over to share stories over a meal or gather friends for a night of games.

Emotions will be heightened during the Cancer Moon, and it’s easy become moody if you don’t express how you’re feeling. But don’t worry, this extra emotion doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You’ll have an easier time tuning into your emotional needs, giving you a better understanding of what you need in life to feel satisfied.

Six months later, at the beginning of winter when the sun is in the sign of Capricorn, we have a Full Moon in Cancer. Capricorn is about the outer energy, and the mastery of our outer world. The Cancer Full Moon allows the energies of these two signs to counterbalance each other and helps us bring to fruition those things that we held close during the New Moon. We’re finally able to manifest these things and create a sense of security in bringing our feelings and desires out into the world.

If you were born with the Moon in Cancer

Your Sun sign represents the person you show to the world. Your Moon sign (or natal moon sign) is about how you feel, and Cancerians have very powerful feelings. They put up a hard exterior to hide their incredibly sensitivity side and they can get hurt easily.

They’re aware of both their own feelings -- they’re also able to sense the feelings and those around them. Being a Water sign, they have the gift of intuition, and can easily pick up on how others are feeling or what they need. Crab s can see right through you!

Matters of the heart and home are incredibly important to those born with their Moon in Cancer. Deeply loyal, they take their relationships with others seriously, and love spending time with family and friends. Natural nurturers, they often go out of their way to make others feel loved. It’s no surprise that Cancer has a reputation for being the "mother sign" of the zodiac.

Cancer Moon Sign Traits:

  • Emotional

  • Family-oriented

  • Protective

  • Devoted

  • Caring

  • Maternal/Paternal

  • Intuitive

  • Domestic

  • Sentimental

There are no ‘harsh’ aspects at this Full Moon, signifying a soothing start to the year!

Cancer is a water sign, so she and her siblings Scorpio and Pisces see some of the more powerful aspects of this full moon. These three are always emotional forces to be reckoned with, but the full moon’s light offers them a chance to integrate these powerful emotions into a physical state of manifestation.

The moon is at home in Cancer her sensitive and intuitive nature is a compass for those with Cancer in their astrological makeup. With all her emotion she offers an opportunity to expand or contract. She sends feelings of safety especially in your home life. She causes emotional fluctuations that give you an opportunity to forgive and forget but all Cancers emotional energy provides an opportunity to manifest and get a sense of belonging.

This Cancer Full Moon represents a concluding a time to reap the fruits and opening a new chapter in life. This moon will increase your mental energy and will disrupt your attention. This Full Moon will require an open mind to sit quietly to ask questions hear the answers and to contemplate what it all means. Like all Full Moons, its energy brightens our lives, shows us the way, and brings wisdom and understanding. A Cancer Full Moon will focus your attention on home and family. It also forces us to integrate our opposing light and dark energies, good and bad, the challenging and the effortless.

Organs influenced by Cancer Moon Sign:

Organs: Stomach, mucosa, ovary, womb, vagina, breast, pleura, peritoneum, lymph system, breastbone.

These organs are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care.

Surgical operations:

Surgical operations are strongly not recommended during the Full Moon!

Full Moon’s Influence in Cancer on Zodiac Signs

Let’s look at how the Full Moon affects each zodiac sign and at what this lunar event can change in our lives and attitudes.


After tireless weeks of blood, sweat and hard work, the Full Moon brings Aries the recognition and credit they deserve! Beware Aries don’t let this acknowledgement go to your heads.

The Full Moon in Cancer will give the people born in the Aries sign the chance to close a chapter in their lives connected to their home. Thus, the Aries can step to another level in the relationship with the family members, reconcile with their loved ones or, on the contrary, they can get into conflict and change some house rules. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are used to emotion but more from a place of inspired passion than deep sentimentality. The fire needs to be ignited or else it just lays dormant. The Cancer full moon is a time for fire signs to connect to something in a way that generates change. They need to dig a little deeper and use patience. The full moon is shining a light on the lucky planet for your neighbors in Pisces, so allow yourself to feel some of their glow and know that your time of growth is on the horizon. It’s time to rid yourself of internal demons that have been tagging along for far too long. You’re going to need a firm foundation to stand on for this next year to truly deliver all that it promises.


Travel on the horizon for Taurus that will bring them pleasure and relaxation. For those involved in communication (PR, journalism, publishing, education) will enjoy success and recognition. You Taureans, or those with Taurus in your chart, are also taking on the emotional challenge of your fellow earth signs. Emotions are being called upon when you just want to relax. You may have felt stuck in a bit of a rut now, it’s time to move on. Let yourself get sweep up with the energy of this moon.


Those of you who live in the air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) have a variety of energies affecting you as the full moon sets in this month. Your belief in what’s important to you, can be committed to under the Cancer full moon. The Full Moon symbolizes the start or the renewal of a promising relationship that will lead to crazy, passionate love. This lucky zodiac sign will get the chance to blossom and branch out with someone they are really into.

Gemini will also get the opportunity to reap the fruits of their labor in the financial sector, more specifically, the money gained through their effort. Gemini can finalize a project, and receive cash rewards, or achieve a collaboration that will significantly improve their income. Think bigger than the day or the month and think what big changes you want to make this year. What can you shift around to make room for more play money this year? Take this time to let go of some Old so that New can find you. Spring clean early this year and fantasize about all the great new possessions and experiences you’re making room for.

Feeling good and confident in your own skin can at times be complicated, but luckily for our Gemini friends, the Full Moon brings with it a sense of reassurance and a huge confidence boost. Strut your stuff under the Full Moon, Gemini.


The Full Moon occurring right in their sign, in the house of personality, will bring the people born under the Cancer sign the chance to reap what they sowed in July of this year. It could be about some projects that were started in the past and are just concluding now. This will be a moment of affirmation. Because it will activate the relational axis, it can lead to the ending of a love relationship, and the occasion to meet someone who will have an impact on their lives and trigger new emotions and feelings. Cancers, or those with strong Cancer placements in their chart, reign supreme on this day. You are in your element and can succeed on this day if you do what you do best – get in touch with your innermost feelings about the thing you’ve been passionately trying to manifest in your life. The full moon asks the Cancer to take the internal and make it external. This isn’t usually the easiest for the crab, who is most comfortable burrowing into him/herself. But this is your astro-moment! Tell that person you’re ready for commitment. Sign up for that class you’ve been flirting with. Book the ticket to that spa you’ve been browsing online when you should be working. It’s a chance to make a statement and put an emotional stamp on something that’s been exciting you since last year’s end. Now make it real.

The Full Moon is reputed for bringing clarity and transparency and the lunar event doesn’t let Cancer people down! The Full Moon brings Cancer people positive vibes and can even teaches them valuable lessons.


The Full Moon in Cancer will bring the Leos states of introspection, regret, melancholy, and even slight depression. People or memories from the past are likely to return aggressively in their lives and memory. On the other hand, the health sector will be active, so Leos should rest more, take care of their diet, and refrain from making any excess during this period.

Leo, or those with of you with Leo in your chart, the Cancer full moon finds your emotions coming on strong and from places much deeper than you usually prefer. However, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to steer your internal fire towards what you want to cleanse from your life. While some of your astro-friends are cleaning out their cupboards, you need to be digging into that basement. Big change has come into your life from almost out of nowhere, but you must trust that it’s all divine. There are forces larger than yourself which can form new structures for your life. Trust that when something looks like it’s falling apart, it’s just morphing into a more useful configuration for the life you’re meant to be living right now. So, take a break from your social butterfly mode and get into some deep meditation. Be quiet with you. Breathe. And know that the passion you’re so famous for is coming back into action.

New and ground-breaking ideas will come to Leo on nights where the Full Moon is on stage. Leo’s sudden burst of creativity will lead to some life changing ideas being thought up.


The Full Moon in Cancer will bring Virgos the chance to step to another level in the relationship with their friends. The Virgos can reap the benefits of a project initiated during the summer or a project they are involved in with friends, or they can make a new plan in collaboration with them.

Virgos always feel like they must work, and the full moon is no exception. For you Virgos, or those of you with strong Virgo placements, this full moon is going to feel more like counter-intuitive work. That Piscean - Jupiter-Uranus team is challenging you to let loose and let the day take you. Put down the calendar. It’s time to stop thinking about everyone else and remember who you really are. Get in touch with that old self and use some of that natural Virgo healing energy on yourself. You’ll come out rejuvenated and inspired to integrate some of that energy back into your life. Perhaps take that newfound inspiration and put that Virgo thought to action by writing your heart a letter. Your freshly merged self should have a thing or two to tell it.

Virgo will be overcome with positive energy and determination when the Moon comes into full force. Virgo’s newfound energy will give people born under this zodiac their moment to shine.


People born in the Libra sign could get recognition in their careers. The Libras who have worked hard and taken steps and made themselves stand out, could now get a promotion. They might also change their professional status, including the activity sector. It is a good moment to improve their image. ∙Libras. Libras. That godfather of change, Saturn, has been slowly gliding through your sign making you a bit wiser than everyone else right now. And the external shifts you have been making in life aren’t just cosmetic but reflect the deeper internal shifts that have been going on. So, inhabit some of that Cancer energy, relax and reflect on all the changes you’ve been manifesting and experiencing. Go deep and really get in touch and feel what’s been going on. Journal to release all those thoughts and share with yourself everything you have been feeling and shower yourself with the love you normally show to everyone else.

Libras typically like to take life and live it as it comes, although everything changes when the Full Moon comes into play. The Full Moon gives Libras a much-needed clear insight into the future and even helps them get planning.


The Scorpios have the chance to change some life principles or to finalize some studies, possible, but not mandatory, started half a year ago. It is a good time for exams, tests, and interviews. Those born under the Scorpio sign can get a diploma, can go abroad on a trip that will change their mentality, or they can reconnect with other people living abroad.

Scorpio is also feeling the love on this full moon and is open to liking your best self again and shake off those doldrums that have been skulking around the fringes. Use full moon energy to meet the night and have some fun. Invite your favorite people over once the sun sets and host a small dance party under the night sky. You need to put it out there more, to entice your new love. It’s time for you scorpions to manifest some real love in your life but you’re not going to get far curled up on the couch with your pillow.

Earth signs tend to be the opposite of the water sign. They’re all practicality where the water is all intuitive. They must see it first to believe it, so their relationship with the Cancer moon can vary.

The Scorpio zodiac sign has a reputation for being standoffish with their emotions, but once the Full Moon is on show, Scorpio’s icy character melts and they open their hearts to love.


Those born under the Sagittarius sign will reap the fruits of a project launched during the summer, or they can put the foundation of some plans in association with the life partner or third parties. For some of the Sagittarius, some earnings from inheritances or settlements may appear, or they can receive bonuses and extra payments for the work done. The Cancer full moon allows you to look deeply at your relationships as Venus, the planet of one-on-one connection, sits center stage in your sign. You’ve probably been evaluating who you have and don’t have in your life. You’re a warrior indeed, Sag, but you need people to come home to once the fight settles. If you’re coming home to an empty house, something isn’t working. Who’s going to listen to all your exciting theories and revelations, right? So, take this day to examine the state of relationship affairs in your life right now. What’s missing? More importantly, who’s dragging you down? It may be time to release some of those friendships that aren’t serving you. Take emotional stock of who you’ve been giving your energy to. Are they giving back to you? Connect with those who mean the most to you and open about where you’re at. You’ll be surprised by the honesty that comes out of you. And even more surprised by just how loved you really are. A wave of intense and deep positiveness will wash over Sagittarius people on nights of the Full Moon and will even encourage them to pursue dreams they previously perceived as impossible.


The Capricorns will reap the benefits of some partnerships. The Cancer full moon occurs in the house of marriage, this aspect could lead to a marriage proposal if there were discussions in this regard during the past months, but it can also lead to divorce for those where there is no more understanding with the life partner. Also, they can conclude a partnership or collaboration, and they can now reap the fruits. Positive opportunities in all areas of your life arise when the Full Moon takes the spotlight. Who knows, the next Full Moon could bring with it some exciting career news.

Where Cancers like to generally learn and experience from the comfort of their own home, Capricorns, or those with strong Capricorn influences, are all about going out into the world and attaining knowledge through the external. So, a Cancer full moon will test you to go inside and really get in touch with feelings that are floating by and being ignored. You’ve made some major headway over the last month in some capacity as a lot of planets have danced through your personal hemisphere, but what’s really going on for you? Let Cancer shed her emotional light over you to really get to the root of your recent changes or realizations. And make sure to share your findings with someone. Cancer wants you to feel the love in your life. You may be the independent one, but tonight take a hug. It will feel good to anchor yourself emotionally before you plan your next adventure.


The Aquarius will get opportunities at work. Those who made themselves remarked in the past months might receive a promotion proposal, but this aspect could also mean a new stage related to the job itself. Some could change their job, while others, who looked for a job until now, could get hired. Also, the health sector is active, and those born under the Aquarius sign should not overburden themselves and pay special attention to diet and rest since they risk digestive, pancreatic, bones, and dermatological health issues. ∙Aquarius, you are probably the most passionate of your brethren as you not only have yourself but the greater good of the world in mind with everything you do. This full moon is also setting off Mars, who just entered your sign. He wants you to get aggressive and make some serious things happen. Have you become inspired and passionate about something relatively new? If so, it’s time to take it to the next level. Consider the bigger picture of how you want to make your mark on the world. It’s something you’ve been thinking a lot about, so you probably know the answer. However, you need to show the Universe by getting some of those ideas out of your head and into the physical. Stop planning and start acting. The world needs you and you want to share, so get out of the way. You’ll have this all month to generate some movement, so don’t feel you have one day to make things happen. However, every great day starts with one breath, and it’s time for that giant exhale.

The urge to embrace change as well as follow a new path will come to Aquarius when the Full Moon swings around. The cherry on top is also that Aquarius will have all their hard work recognized


The Full Moon in Cancer will bring Pisces the chance to conclude a chapter related to their sentimental life. Some Pisces could end a love story or revise their attitude about a decision taken last year regarding their life partner. ∙Pisces, or those with strong Pisces placements, are getting some additional help on this full moon day. Jupiter and Uranus are indulging in some cosmic love together which brings luck around creativity and inspiration, and this duo is directly illuminated by the Cancer moon’s bright light. Open the doorway and let of all that positive planetary energy in. You Pisces will have pure emotional heft and a wellspring of divine knowledge at your fingertips. What’s that creative project that’s been bursting up towards the surface as of late? Are you ready to take it out of the cerebral and put pen to paper? Brush to canvas? How about that meditative practice you’ve been struggling to commit to? Now’s the time to get out the candles, sage the house, and get in touch with the inner Hemingway,

Da Vinci, or Buddha inside.

Pisces is already one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, although when the Full Moon emerges their emotions rise through the roof and really do intensify tenfold.

Now it’s time to discuss the Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned (in synergy), with Earth between the other two. During a total lunar eclipse, Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the Moon.

During ancient times, it was believed that the darkness of a Lunar Eclipse, was a sign of great change and a bad omen for what was to come. It was believed that a Lunar Eclipse would bring a rise of darkness and that evil would flourish.

There are many superstitions and beliefs surrounding Eclipses, and most of them seem to stem from the fact that the dark night and shadow on the Moon brings an ominous feeling.

A rebirth of feminine energy.

The Moon has long been associated with the feminine and its feminine energy encourages you to make connections with your emotions, body, and with your intuition.

It encourages us to go within and allowing our self to reflect in the dark, shadowy waters of our own heart, mind, and soul. It is about going to the darkest depths of the self, to see our truth and clearing away all that no longer serves us.

Although we have Lunar Eclipses every year, their energies affect all of us in different ways, depending on where we are at in our lives and where we are heading.

Depending on how things have gone in the last 6 months, we can now see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the last solar eclipse. But if life has been stressful for us, putting pressure on those embryonic seeds, then what should be a birthing time can sadly turn into a miscarriage.

Your personal lunar experience and how you handle change, in general, depends on how the eclipse is configured to your chart.

The effect of a lunar eclipse can last up to three months.

Although each Lunar Eclipse can have its own energetic effects and astrological meaning, they also could stir things up on a physical, emotional, and soul level as well.

On a Physical Level…

Lunar Eclipses tend to zap our energy, making us feel drained or lethargic. They can also mess with our sleep cycle and hormones, making us feel irritable, tired, moody, and just out of balance in general.

On an Emotional Level…

Lunar Eclipses have the power to draw a lot of emotional energy out of the depths and making us extra sensitive, or more aware of our thoughts and feelings.

Emotional healing is extremely powerful during Eclipse time, so if you do notice old feelings rising to the surface, know that there is cosmic support to help clear and release them.

Having heightened emotions can also make us feel anxious or withdrawn, but channeling into a creative project or healing work can help with this.

On a Soul Level…

Whenever there is strong lunar activity, it always creates the right vibration and environment for working and strengthening our intuitive and psychic gifts.

Lunar Eclipses also could reveal to us part of our soul contract or soul path as they often unlock events that align with our destiny.

Eclipses are really a guiding hand from the Universe and reveal to us the next chapter of growth that is getting ready to unfold for us.

Everyone is going to feel the effects differently, and everyone will be called to walk in slightly different directions under this energy.

This is the time to realign to your highest purpose. Support yourself in making the most of this period by detaching from the outcome and letting go.

The Lunar eclipse January 2020 will fall on the exact same degree as the July 12 Solar Eclipse 2018 . That time the eclipse, was opposite Pluto exactly making it a Hades moon. This time this blood red Lunar eclipse will be exact opposite Mercury the trickster, but it also conjoins Ceres, Saturn and Pluto. The last Solar eclipse was in Capricorn but this one really triggers the grand stellium in Capricorn far more strongly by opposition.

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Decan 3

This Moon falls in Cancer which it rules and is therefore very strong. This decan is ruled by the Moon in the Chaldean system and is the Pisces triplicity in the Vedic system so extra watery and tide-pulling. Volatile moods, devotion, extreme passion and deep intuition. Inside there might be a tempest raging, but at this time it is vital to display a neutral mask. So, under the surface of this lunation, the Gemini twins are playing tug-of-war.

Even though the eclipse is technically in tropical Cancer, this lunar Eclipse January falls in the decan that contains the twin stars of Castor and Pollux. So, the energy is very bi-polar, where we find it hard to decide. The jump between playing the angel and devil in the collective can be quite striking too. Those touched by this full moon lunar Eclipse might have to make the best of a reckless choice made in ‘devil’ mode.

Lunar Eclipse Fixed Star ~ Castor

Moon on Castor 20º

Castor is the supposedly ‘good’ twin and was the horse trainer. He holds a harp in his hand so has musical talent and artistry. Sophisticated Castor was refined and civilised but still got into scrapes with his wilder brother, however. The influence of the dark side is never far away, for Robson say although

“It gives distinction, a keen intellect, success in law and many travels, fondness for horses, sudden fame and honor” …. This great success can often be followed by “loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and great affliction. Its natives are said to be mischievous and prone to violence.”

Currently, we have to be careful about the company we keep. The lunar influence of the decan makes us extra sensitive to our environment. This sensitivity is great for psychic ability, but it also means we could give into peer pressure far too easily. Eric Morse says:

“Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to mental breakdowns and neurotic distress. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. These geniuses often need help in not letting their concern for others go ‘over the top’, however” [3]

The Lunar Eclipse aspects are: Moon opposite Mercury, Moon opposite Ceres, Moon opposite Saturn and Moon opposite Pluto.

Lunar Eclipse January Healing

To help release emotion and tears at this lunar eclipse January 2020 (without causing a full-scale flood!) vaccinate yourself by taking a small dose of Cancer decan 3 energy. If your ascendant, Sun or Moon are in the cardinal signs decan 3 you might find that you burst into tears at the slightest provocation. To avoid flipping too fast from soppy to iceberg, try a relaxing bath with a Cancer decan 3 theme.

Reflect on the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn; although this is not a Total Lunar Eclipse, it is still a penumbral lunar eclipse. The Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned; however, they are very much tuning in to experiences of the last two years. In particular, the (new moon) Solar Eclipse of July 12th, 2018, which was at 20º50′ Cancer. Think back to this time and the initiatives you were beginning to consider.

Work with hard earth and water – the Moon peaks on Saturn’s Day, with a great emphasis on the Capricorn constellation, governed by Saturn, which is all about the earth element, while the watery Moon in Cancer supported by Neptune spells a lot of emotion. Balance grounding activities with feeling – a bracing winter walk with family, getting together colleagues for a back-to-work feast, establishing healthy goals and boundaries at home. Remember that Cancer governs domestic settings, ancestry, food, nurturing, mothers, and comfort; Capricorn governs big business, industry, practical efforts and establishing limits.

Additionally, for about two weeks, while its influence lasts, each sign will get affected in a specific sector of life.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December ~ Tarot Card

The Tarot card associated with this decan is the 4 of Cups. The ambivalence shown in this card fits well with the polarization of this decan. A card of boredom and apathy on the one hand and daydreaming and fantasizing on the other. Maybe this card longs for the dramatic mood swings that govern this decan.

“The Four of Cups generally brings with it the blues and moodiness. (Cancer decan 3 is the moodiest, moon-ruled decan) In some cases it can highlight depression…you may have lost touch with reality and are totally underground. You may have allowed yourself to indulge in daydreams and fantasies and have become too idealistic imaging life to be a certain way.”

Karmic ally this card can mean too many lives have been spent procrastinating and waiting for the 100% perfect person or opportunity to come along. It” can sometimes simply highlight the fact that you are too tied up in your own little world, too self-absorbed and too self-centred. You may feel that the whole universe revolves around you and have no time for other people’s problems or feelings. You may seem negative to others and see the ‘glass as half empty’ in this negative state of mind.”

Useful healing materials and props: The 4 of cups to gaze at, cucumber & mint to eat, white roses to adorn your table, Prehnite with Epidote crystal to hold, music in the key of G# to listen, Myrrh, Rose and Hibiscus essential oils in a bath.


Prehnite promotes unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. It is a wonderful stone for bringing peace, joy, and harmony into one’s life. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering, so if you would like to enhance this, keep a piece under your pillow… one of its strengths is that it quietens the mind. It helps to settle you down, especially if you are prone to talk excessively. This stone is helpful if kept in the bedroom as its vibration will also alleviate nightmares and help you to release deep fears. Sometimes this fear is of a karmic nature, and Prehnite will help you to release these past issues that are causing your current concerns.”


Epidote is used to give yourself protection from physical harm when engaged in dangerous pursuits. It is also used to help someone injured by either physical or mental trauma. It soothes, protects, and guards. It has within it an energy that aids you to have the courage to let go of the things that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. As you begin to embrace the boldness of spirit that Epidote brings to you, this will help you to have a greater knowledge of who you really are and your spiritual purpose…. Epidote is a stone that is known to effect different people in different ways. How you are affected by its energy, may to some degree depend on your predominant way of thinking. Its vibration is known to bring you more of the same.”

So, with Epidote if you are a negative person, it will make you even more negative, but it will also bring to your attention the need for more positive thinking. On the other hand, if you are a positive soul it will make you even more positive! So, it is not really recommended to use pure Epidote at this lunar eclipse. However, used with Prehnite, Epidote should bring a balance and prevent swinging too far to the negative if you are on the melancholic side. Generally, this blend should give the right amount of boldness tempered with the protection vibration of Prehnite.

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